Mid-Term Assgn And My Thoughts

Where should I start? Mid-Terms? Haha for most of my other classes it was hell. I mean straight hell the amount of workload is crazy. But with this class, it wasn’t all that stressful. Because I had taken a lot of technology classes when I was younger it really didn’t affect me all that much. If anything I got a  feeling of relief from this class and just doing the work.

From creating my own website, memes, and future planning out I layout for my writing it was all fun for me. I find this class in the middle of the semester to be overall fun and thrilling. Sure there is still a lot to be done but hey there is a brightness to this class and just doing the work. EASY GRADE!? Maybe lol who knows.

Obama-Biden memes are the internet's comic relief after election - CBS News

OH BTW in the middle of the semester for this class I was debating on whether  I should do a collection of memes storyline of Biden and Obama lol didn’t go so well but. This class and Prof is very flexible and works with the class really well. So I’m grateful to be in the class


Anime Vaporwave Wallpaper - 1200x1920 - Download HD Wallpaper - WallpaperTip

To me, Vaporwave seems like a funt project, and actually, I had throughout about adding it to my website although I’m still in the middle of creating meems for my website so it can match with my overall theme which will be writing and games. Vaporwave or the drawing of it seems like a lot of fun but it takes a lot of practice to do. I even have trouble trying to get some of my own inspirations so I can start my own Vaporwave art to my website but it seems like a lot of fun.

I prefer anime Vaporwave because not only I’m a big weeb but it helps me escape from the real world in a very odd but fun way. Vaporwave has that sort of escape feeling to it so when the Prof did it was amazing but; like I said it takes a lot of time to get down.


Make an aesthetic anime profile picture by Saver_


Ever since I have that video of copyright. I have found myself questioning social media its advisement for different uses. Although they may have the right to show their product. I get the feeling that there is some sort of copyright in there. To me, I always thought of copyright as a source of writing or pulling information from the internet, music, or videos. But there seems to be a much deeper meaning behind copyrights.

The ownership of one’s work should be measured but never stole from or used in such a manner that it has to be fought over. When someone creates anything over the internet or anywhere where else it theirs for keeping. Nobody has to write to take what theirs. The word copyright to me seems like a keepsake. But it could also mean; as the old say goes “One man trash is another man treasure”.

Don't steal my stuff Thief - Kevin Hart | Meme Generator

Dark Memes

Before the 1800’s humor was seen in a negative light by society. Laughing was seen as unnatural and physiologically harmful. Some even went as far as to compare laughter to masturbation…. Which is really weird. The humor which was seen as a negative light by society is also known as Dark Humor, which in some cases can mislead others into believing that making light of a bad situation can brighten up the mood. This is true but it depends on the situation. This belief was so strong that it even leaked into Christianity. 

Proverbs 26:18–19: ‘A man who deceives another and then says, ‘It was only a joke’, is like a madman shooting at random his deadly darts and arrows’.

Thomas Hobbes – Superiority Theory

The essence of laughter is enjoying feeling superior to someone. Basically means that you’d laugh at someone you’d feel as though you are superior to. You wouldn’t laugh at someone who you feel is superior to you, which in my opinion adds a level of complexity to laughter that simply doesn’t exist. A certain level of mental gymnastics was definitely needed to create such a ridiculous theory.

Not useless! I'm - iFunny :) | Anime funny, Anime memes, Anime

Relief Theory & Incongruity Theory

The relief theory essentially states that laughter is the release of too much pent up energy in the body. Incongruity Theory says that humor comes as a result of an unexpected surprise in people’s daily lives and expectations.


15 Of The Funniest Coronavirus Pandemic Memes To Relief Your Stress

Dark humor is like healthcare Not everyone gets it - | Make a Meme

Website and Final Blog

Website link: http://2020gamerslife.com/

Throughout the semester; mostly towards the end, I found myself questioning what else I can do with my website. Although I am still struggling right now in design the website I am almost. Trying to make the second section of my website right now. The Gamers Life website is supposed to bring together people from all areas of the world and including my friends where we exchange games and personal ideas of what we can vision for a game. Throughout this class, I was able to understand a lot about memes and create my own meme at the same time learn about the vast world of technology and memes. This class has actually help me be more open in social media although I am still struggling to submit my poems to social CT 101 was like an online home where I can basically explore and combined ideas of what I want my own website and blog post to be about. I feel like I should get the grade that matches the amount of work and – participation I have done throughout the course of the semester and online classroom. I feel like with this class it should be easy to get your work done at the same time explore more into the class layout. But overall I had fun making memes and websites. I am currently going to upload my thoughts on dark humor memes.


Word Press/Domain 2020 Gamers Life

Overall I’m really like this assignment there are a lot of creative uses in this but it going to take some time to get used to lol. I’m still kind of struggling with the design and everything  but overall I’m hoping my own website can inspire gamers such as myself for one

Genshin Impact「 Wallpaper 」Collection - Genshin Impact - Official CommunityBut as for right now let me start by saying this game right here is taking the news by storm GENSHIN IMPACT it came out Spet 28 not to long already more than 1mil upon 1mil are playing

League of Legends: Mobile may be unveiled at Riot's 10-year anniversary  event | Dot EsportsAnd of course LoL but ill save the juicy stuff for later!

GIF’s Assignment

Ah, The world of GIF’s and memes in many ways meme and gifs have bought people together although it may sound weird if you look at it from a very different way you will notice that throughout this year alone the memes and about Black Lives Matter, Police Activity has shaped this world into a massive movement.

Why saying "all lives matter" communicates to Black people that their lives  don't - CBS News

The world is now starting to push away from its dark past and trying to usher in a new world of humans the 1900’s era is almost over soon many people from that time period will be long gone but the memes and gifs will be our history will be our shining moment.

Mother Earth World GIF by eyedesyn - Find & Share on GIPHY

But to me memes and GIF’s are what makes us who we are and from what I can tell it will last forever!


I was thinking really hard about a Domain Name and what my website was going to be about I came up with the perfect enjoyment for a website. I GIVE YOU

Anime Fans Rank the Shows They'd Watch for the Rest of Their LivesYURP ANIME AND!Open-World Adventure Genshin Impact Comes to PS4 Next Year –  PlayStation.BlogOnline Gaming!

Since this is mostly what I enjoy doing the most I know many people would love to visit websites that have some much content with anime and games. Not to mention the anime world been on a huge rise of popularity due to social media but mostly one anime Dragon Ball Z(Dragon Ball Series). Because of it huge outplay and liking throughout the anime world at that time anime nows and anime-inspired games have gotten a lot of love.

As for the name, ill say Dope and High Anime/Game?

LOL! Sound weird lol I can’t really think of anything much lol feels like my brain is about to create the next big bang. But seeing how the world is right now we all need a little enjoyment or liking in our lives something that makes us feel like we’re in a different realm away from the negativity in the world.

Quarantine in anime style: All the best memes about social distancing –  Film Daily

But let not forget being too caught up in a world that isn’t real could be bad for you nonetheless both gaming and anime have taken the world by starting in 2020 mostly and have created a positive and somewhat a negative environment with all the vs matches in anime about which character can beat who. Lol, personally it brings people together.

Best Anime GIFs | Gfycat


League of Legends client teases upcoming content | Dot Esports

DS106 Assignment

Overall my take on the DS work is still mix there is still I have much to learn but the freedom to explore this work has benefited me in a lot of ways and I can also see as being used as a stepping stone for my writing because with the writing assignment for a writer like myself that poster spoke me but also there is a lot of content I’m willing to try because this website has an endless of the network that can really benefit someone. Crazy it may seem but it kind of like another Facebook being able to take a closer look at different hobbies and writings styles, video upload by big-time streamers, and so on. Now am I still a bit confused yes but I really do like this assignment is really fun and I can wait to go in-depth some more.

Examples of Shape Poems for KidsFor example, this poem about a baby it has this creative style to and the way that it shapes like a baby I love it. But lol there was a post wherein the writing assignment page it mentioned web designers are also but of the writing genre which for some time now I was really 50/50 about but now reading that article I have a clear understanding. The DS gives you unlimited space to work out what you want to to set up your own Assisgnemt so that others can get a grasp of what they need to know

What an interesting site! Offering programs?!