HW #6

Technology has advanced quite far from where it first began. We went from using sticks and stones to make fire to driving mechanical vehicles to wherever our hearts desire. Communication and social interaction has evolved with this progression of technology and today, you see everyone with a phone regardless of purpose. It has since become a staple towards our daily lives as it allows us to be able to talk to our family and friends in seconds and allow us to share our experiences in a few pictures and videos

Here’s a short video on the timeline of social media.


When thinking of these three words: Creativity, Immediacy, and Intuition, I don’t use those exact words but the concept of each of these words exist in whatever you put your mind to.

Creativity is the very essence your mind and figuring out a solution with an unorthodox method that proves to be effective.

Immediacy is to recognize and value.

Intuition is understanding the feeling right away without having to research what you’re looking at.

If I had to put these three in order, I’d say Creativity + Intuition = Immediacy.

When asked the question of what it is being alive, I think of being placed on this planet to do something, we don’t know what it is until our life plays out. There’s so much in life to do that puts you through so much and you as a person has to take all of it in and channel this into something great for yourself. Life is precious and has something to it which makes it special and that is the memories you make while you’re here. It’s always important to have good and bad memories that help you grow as a person.


Now onto the assignment.
I made a collage that represents myself through https://build.mmm.page/
Here’s my page!

I used a multitude of pictures/gifs to represent what I like and what would help people understand me as a person. Many of these stem from my interest in reading and researching sports to watching anime and other things like that. I wasn’t able to insert the collage as a whole GIF for the post but I hope that’s fine.

All in all, I really liked using this program as it gives you the freedom of making a collage that best represents you and you have full creative control when creating such a piece.

DS Flexibility

To kick off, DS106 provides a lot of bases to build ideas up and I really like how many different choices there are that we can choose.  The ones that were the most intriguing to me were the GIF assignments and the Writing Assignments.

The GIF assignment appealed to me the most and when looking through the list of what to do, this one caught my eye.

Animals Doing Funny Things

I found it to be a fun one to do as I like watching videos that make you laugh and relieve stress from whatever you were doing. In terms of completing this, I don’t think it would be much of a struggle since making GIFs aren’t hard at all especially when you have a lot of resources available. It would be nice to make use of something not so difficult to use.

Since this one is both fun and easy, here’s a couple funny animal GIFs!


Sleepy Dog Mike Sleepy GIF - Sleepy Dog Mike Sleepy Puppy GIFs

As for my second type, I would like to try the writing assignment and in particular, this one.

Music is a very free flowing piece of audio that can be shaped into different formats and it makes us feel many different emotions and gives us the satisfying beats to help us enjoy doing an otherwise tame activity (i.e. travelling, doing work, cooking, etc.)

In terms of how often I should do these, it really depends on the mood that I am feeling because if they are very interactive, I’d like to do at least two a month and it’s important to know how to format, make GIFs, and have media skills. As a CS Major, I find it important to gather as many tech skills as you can in order to keep yourself updated and ready for whatever you may need to do on your computer. Even if you aren’t going to be working a lot with computers, it’s still important to know these skills as they can help with promotional content and many other things involving work so these will come in handy.



I do have a lot of passions to choose from but the biggest one for me is sports. I really love not just the physical/mental trials that you go through when working to be at your best but also the fun and positivity that can result from it. Coming from a sports background, there would be many of those present and studying the history of certain sports have been thrilling. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to capitalize on the real life aspect of it because of other passions I have but I spent several years doing my own type of research in various sports (soccer, baseball, boxing, etc.)

To make it short and simple, I’m going to focus on how much I love the sport of boxing. While it can be a brutal, violent and unforgiving sport, it has a lot of history behind it as it is one of the oldest sports known to man! During my time in high school, I first started getting into the sport thanks to the man many know as “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali.

Since I have had my own experiences with combat sports (doing 3 years of karate), I was hooked on the sport and wanted to learn more. Boxing and combat sports in general require a lot of discipline and patience in order to hone your craft and be the best that you can possibly be.  Upon making extensive research on boxing later on and having to do a research project for sports communication class last year, I was able to find a collection of rare footage of past champions dating back to the late 1800s. I was stunned at how it was possible to even capture film back in those days.

Here’s the footage!

Part 2 of the footage

If you ever have the time, you can access the footage for yourself.

Researching many past champions was a real treat but the one’s that I enjoyed researching the most were the aforementioned Ali and Mike Tyson as the two have some of the most intriguing paths during their careers and today, are revered as the two most popular fighters in the sports history.

Mike Tyson and Will Smith Among Pallbearers at Muhammad Ali's Funeral - The New York Times

It was awesome getting to learn about these two men and understand more about their lives.

Bio of Mike Tyson

Bio of Muhammad Ali

Bio of the history of prizefighting

To cap off, boxing can be a beautiful sport to watch if you’re into watching two human beat the stuffing out of each other but regardless, there are many more things that go into it than what meets the eye and it’s always important to remember that these people risk their lives to fight for people’s entertainment and to always give them a lot of respect to step into the ring even once.

GIFs!!!! and how I feel about class

What did you think on the first day of the CT101?

(patiently waiting for class to start)

The first day of class was very nice, getting to introduce each other one at a time and learn more about classmates and the teacher was cool. Not much else happened afterward besides the rundown but the first day went well.

Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How did it make you feel?

(This is how I brainstorm ideas for the posts I make)

Absolutely! It’s nice to try something new and even if this class isn’t required, sometimes they can be the ones that teach you the most about something you didn’t know you were interested in. It made me feel good to know that I can learn a lot about posting and the internet. Even if I miss a day every now and then, I still can work from home which makes it very easy to catch up.

How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes so far?


It’s very much what I like in a class, a decent size class with everyone ready to learn, a very relaxed and calm atmosphere and a teacher who’s excited to teach everyone.

What are the creative potentials of this class?


There’s a lot of things that can happen, even while we’re not in class. There’s a lot of potential for everyone to make things that are super creative and everyone’s got limitless creativity.

How do you feel about learning new skills that use Internet tools?


I feel good about it, I use my computer daily and it doesn’t hurt at all to learn more about the internet that could potentially result in something very useful. It’s always nice to learn something new every day!

What makes me happy on the internet?

A lot of things make me happy on the internet but the main thing that brightens up my day is a nice post of wholesome content, whether it would be a funny cat video or a cool post involving people with their pets.


These types of videos are always helpful in making me feel better if I’m not in the best of moods. It’s hard to not smile at a nice video with animals in it.

Another thing i enjoy on the internet is reading.

Having a phone allows you to access all sorts of news and such at your fingertips. Reading news outlets and apps like Quora and Wikipedia help me pass the time whenever I don’t feel like watching videos. There’s always hidden gems and fun facts that you’ll find interesting as well as tips and such to improve the quality of life among others.
The last thing I will talk about that makes me happy on the internet is getting to meet new people! It was shaky at first but getting to share your experiences with others around the world sounds very cool. As a younger guy, I don’t do it much myself but i was able to take advantage of the easier communication by making plenty of friends that I still talk to to this day.
It’s also worth noting that you keep yourself safe online at all times when communicating and not post material that may be personal or private to the public as the internet can recycle in seconds so be mindful and think before you post!
Anyway, those are what makes me happy from an internet standpoint. There are many more things that make me happy on the internet but they aren’t as significant.
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