Assignment 5: I Guess You Could Say That It’s a COOL Site

Wassup guysssss !!

Look at my COOL website!!!

Get it?  Cool like the temperature? No?

Ehh I tried….. Anyways the page itself is pretty awesome I do say so myself. What compelled me to do this was simple, I like space and syfi where a person enters another world. As you can see on the website, an astronaut entering to a winter world from a portal.

pretty cool right? Yeahhhhh it’s a thing I do with my art, I just make mini stories in my work. Oh not to mention what inspired me is one of my favorite movies; Interstellar.

If you guys haven’t watched I recommend it if you like space movies. If not I respect it. Hopefully, throughout this week I want to continue editing my site and continue the story I have with my astronaut buddy because it is a fun simple site to use.

From my own experience with this website, I think it is a pretty cool and simple website to move around. However, I had some grips with it, it is very limiting for me, I may be wrong but I couldn’t really show how I wanted to present the layout I thought of but made it work with this.

Well, I had fun talking to you guys see ya in the next post!!

2 thoughts on “Assignment 5: I Guess You Could Say That It’s a COOL Site”

  1. OK, great work on this so far. I think that you missing the assignment title as well as addressing the many many questions that should be evoking us in the assignment criteria for this assignment.
    The that you created looks great!! I love it, and you won me over with “Interstellar” as it is one of my favs too!! Love it!
    But let’s dig into how your work relates to the assignment criteria and perhaps address what stand out the most! Thank you!

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