I’m So Websited (sorry I had to)

And The Fun Begins!

Before I began working on registering my domain, I took a quick glance at the site we’d be using, Reclaim Hosting and immediately loved the layout and graphics of the website.

The process was a quick and easy one because I had the previous week’s class recording to watch and follow along with as I was getting everything set up.

Like I mentioned in my Assignment 7, I checked for the availability of the domain name before even fully considering it because I didn’t want to get excited about it and then not be able to use it. So this step took less than 20 seconds to complete. 

After choosing the domain name all I had to do was fill out my personal information and enter the coupon code we were sent. When everything was finalized the next step was to install WordPress to get the site up and running.

In a matter of seconds there it was, my very first website. I am so excited to get started with designing and customizing it and overall just gaining knowledge as the owner of a website: brownecorner.com (that’s crazy to think about).

Honestly, the whole process of setting up the website with hosting and installing WordPress was a lot easier than I had expected, which was great because after having to brainstorm domain names, my brain needed a break.

8 thoughts on “I’m So Websited (sorry I had to)”

  1. Excellent!
    Congrats on your new domain and website under construction!
    Good work on this post and sharing your process and sentiments!
    We got context here too!

    I also thought it would be harder to set up but with the help of the zoom I was able to do this with no help.
    cant wait to see what you do with the site.

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