Let’s get creative!

Let’s get Narrative!

A few of my colleagues in the Journalism department have taken CT101 and I said Aha! let me give it a shot (I am glad I did). When Prof. Ryan talked about what we would be doing throughout the semester, it was delightful to hear. I am a creature who loves learning everything and anything. Also, thanks to Steve Wilhite for creating this type of format because that is how we are making this assignment possible.

I like challenging myself, I like to get creative, I like to explore the land of the unknown … something like COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY.  I like to make mistakes, fix them and hopefully never make them again.

I am accepting the challenge of getting creative because in my field of study (journalism) I have to stick to the facts and there isn’t space for creativity. I am taking 15 credits this semester, and this is the class that has allows me to kick back a bit and don’t stress too much.

I made my own accounts for Giphy and Imgur. I found it easier to make GIFs with GIPHY than with Imgur. I think because we got introduced to GIPHY first, maybe? I feel more comfortable working with it, something about it is more familiar. I am still not giving up on Imgur, I’ll poke around more until I get to create something I am proud of. I am hoping to expand my knowledge with both platforms and other technological outlets.

This weekend I spend time making some GIFs with using Drake and 21 Savage’s new music video “Spin bout U” from their collab album “Her Loss” which I am sure many of you have heard of it. I actually enjoyed it very much! make sure you check them out, I made about 4-5 GIFs (like the one below). GIFs have become a way of expression for many people, including myself, I can’t wait to get some free time to create some more. It is a very entertaining way to express our thoughts and feelings! Feeling flattered because GIFs are a millennial like me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Let’s get creative!”

  1. Thank you, looking good so far!
    However, there are a few things missing.
    Also far as “easy-peasy for me” goes, as you mentioned, 🙂 – I think that you need to go back and re-read the assignment details as you are missing several key aspects of this post.
    Once things have been revised you can respond to this post and Ill take another look, thank you!

    Also, as I mentioned in class a few times, please write your posts as a fluid story rather than directly copying a question and answering it, all of our class tutorials are recorded and posted at the top of each assignment post, thank you!
    Have fun!

    1. Thank you for the feedback professor. I have revision my work and did a whole 360 on it. I watched the video and added a few things I was missing. I hope my updates have completed the assignment.

      1. Thank you, yes, this is much better! I do think think that you could write more in your descriptions, when you mentioned working with Imgur and Giphy, be specific, what exactly did you like or dislike about working with them? Details are important, lets also embed the video content rather than just adding a link – YouTube and Vimeo videos embed media players directly into the editor, lets try that – also, please mention at least one of the many essays on GIFs history that I included in the assignment, take your time on this, crafting blog posts takes patiennce and practice, you are on your way, thank you! Forward we go!

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