Living The MEME Life

Honestly, this was my actual reaction when I  heard the use of memes in class and I don’t regret it. You see, last week our favorite  CT101 professor has introduced me to creating memes.

I will be very honest… I’ve been using the site to create memes a lot ever since he showed it.  I have created most inside jokes in my friend group but here are my favorite ones I made for this class.


Pretty good, right?

Anyways time for the important, ARE  MEMES ART??

Now for the straightforward answer. Yes, but there is something about memes as art is very interesting. If you look at the video below,  the person came to talk about memes’ relevance in art and came to points that I’ve been thinking about for years.

Not online memes are important in our society but in art as well, because back then not everyone couldn’t afford to learn how to read (crazy right?) so they would paint and express emotions as you can see with paintings of people with funny expressions.  

It tells a story through its visual representation. Just like memes, most of the time they’re funny pictures but there are some that are connected to actual issues in society.

Were in a time when we can’t really see the story or meaning in a painting but we can express our feelings about it through memes. it is a part of our culture now and art is subjective. Heck, even NFTs are seen as art.

There could be a difference between memes and meme art, showing a visual story.

Memes are so underappreciated, only seeing it as a joke which is unfortunate.

Why thank you Bob for pointing out what I said. Anyways I would like to thank our professor Ryan Seslow for showing me to create our own memes.


I forgot to show some of my favorite memes, I just like showing some of my memes.

Okay, so that’s what ill show you, thank you guys for reading this blog! Till next time!!

6 thoughts on “Living The MEME Life”

  1. I agree with you alllll the way across the board. CT 101 is an awesome class along with the students. It has taken me into a world that was so unfamiliar to me, but that I now embrace. Kudos to our professor!!!!

  2. Such great work here!
    Im crying from laughter as I have been “Rick Rolled” into a MEME of Jeff Betzos!
    By far one of the most fun and effective ways to use the MEME model, well done good Ser!

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