Mid- Semester Assessment

Unlike other classes that makes me sign in just to focus on topics that dont make sense and are totally boring- CT 101 does the complete opposite and makes everything fun to learn. Just by being apart of this class I’ve learned so much more than any other my other classes have taught me

I was ale to understand the importance of sharing information to others but in a interesting way, like getting the message across through gifs and etc. I was also able to have the ability to make it seem as if I have found my long lost twin in just one picture thanks to the assignments we had to do.

I am over an overall shy person- when it comes to speaking to others or something as simple as giving a presentation my panic button is always pressed.

But using this system helped me express myself thats different than just commenting on other students post of discussion boards. Fortunately, for me this course has helped me find my creativity using other things than just words on a blank screen.

So far in this class I feel as if I earned a B simply because I am not consistent as I want to be, which is something I do have to work on. My procrastination is terrible, which makes me feel as if I am far away from the ball game. I also feel as if I could do more than just average work- this course gives us unlimited access to the creativity we have but I feel as if I am doing just enough and not going above and beyond.