Mid Semester Assessment…It’s been Awesome!

We’re already halfway through this pizza- I mean semester! There is so much I’ve learned in CT 101 so far and even though we are getting close to the end, I’m still excited to see what new things we’ll learn for the rest of the term!

I’m proud to say that I’ve developed many great skills from this class. Some of the thing I’ve learned include the power of communicating through blog posts,

using gifs to express my thoughts and emotions,

creating my own CT 101 memes,

and even starting my own personal website! (Click here for the blog post talking about starting up my website!)

Collectively, the blog posts have taught me that I don’t have to write everything like an essay, rather, I have the freedom to integrate my own style of writing into messages I post online. As a communicator, this gives me relief and excitement because I personally believe the formal guidelines of essays and college papers restrict my range of creative expression.

After enrolling in CT 101, I’ve learned that at my core, I am a creative person and always have a plethora of ideas in my mind. One of my long time hobbies is drawing in sketchbooks, however, after taking some time to search for other ways to exercise my imagination, I have discovered other forms of artistic expression.

(The image above is not my artwork). One of the things that I discovered because of CT 101 is an art form called flat landscapes. While starting up my personal website, I used a copyrighted image for my background, however, I already knew that if I truly wanted to make my website my own, I would have to create my own assets to express what kind of artist I am. My plan for the future is to illustrate my own flat landscape for my portfolio website, paperpig.net.

I have grown as a student, artist and person, but I know I still have many things to improve on. Some of the things I want to focus on even after completing CT 101 are my web development coding skills, learning to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and improving my writing skills for blog posts and textual content on my website.

My plan for my website, paperpig.net, is to make it my own personal portfolio website. For future semesters and even after graduation, I want to continuously add more content regarding projects I’ve been working on such as school assignments, personal drawings and illustrations, motion graphics animations and when the time comes, even work related projects to showcase my experience.

I will proudly say that I deserve an “A” for the class. Aside from consistently attending lectures and keeping up with my blog posts, I have developed new skills and reached my personal goal of “Broadening my horizons”, as mentioned in my first gif blog post. CT 101 truly feels like a class that is more focused on student growth rather than giving out assignments for the sole purpose of filling out a quota.

As we get closer to the winter solstice, I begin to realize that my time in this class is coming to an end. Even though this class is only a semester long, I’ll cherish all the experiences I’ve gained, such as the profound discoveries I’ve come upon.

As a closing note, I just want to thank Professor Seslow for being such an awesome instructor. Whatever you have in store for us for the rest of the semester, I’ll be waiting anxiously in my seat for it.


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