Mid-Semester Assessment

Whew! I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of the semester. Not sure if this makes sense, but this has been the longest but shortest semester I’ve ever had. The weeks seem to be moving pretty quickly but the amount of work that needs to get completed somehow drags the week out longer. ( This is obviously not the case for this class. CT 101 has been good to me.)

For CT 101, I have had the opportunity to learn to make memes and gifs and that has truly been amazing. Earlier in the semester, I mentioned that meme and gif-making were on my ‘to learn’ lists and I am so grateful for this class because it has taught me how to do so. I have all my memes and gifs stored in a folder- they’re kinda like my kids.

One thing I did not know how to do before this class was how to build customize a website. For one of my journalism courses, I was obligated to make a blog site, and I did, but it did not require as much work as creating the website for this class did. CT 101 afforded me the opportunity to create my own domain name and customize defaults on the site- down to the widgets! Widgets have always been one of those words that pair perfectly with technology in my head; so to be able to manipulate it on my site was quite fun. So, I think building a website is a new strength of mine, but I know I still have a long way to go where building and customizing a website is concerned.

My customized website.

My plan for the website is to talk about controversial topics and topics that are not addressed as much as they should be. I want ‘Straight Talk With Kysa’ to be a highly respectable platform that encourages people to do good in this world. I would love to hear suggestions on how you guys think I should go about accomplishing this. (straighttalkwithkysa.com)

Based on all the things we’ve learned throughout the semester, I still think I can improve in every area. I don’t believe I have mastered any of the skills taught to us but I have been practicing then so hopefully, one day, I can master them. But, I am way better at completing certain technological tasks, due to this class.

One thing this class has done is helped me strengthen my writing and communication skills. From a very young age, I loved writing and so I always jump at the opportunity to write something. Having to constantly make blog posts helped me knit-pick at my writing and I think I have improved so much. And this isn’t just pertinent to this class, but also in my life- as I want to be a journalist. I have even gotten comments based on recent articles published in Pandora’s Box, about how much better my writing is and I can honestly attribute that to CT 101.

Now to talk about my grade:

Just Kidding! 😀

I never like evaluating my performance in a class, even if I think I’m performing well. The main reason for this is that I sometimes think so highly of myself/performance and when I receive a grade, and it’s different from what I expected, I beat myself up about it. So when the college asks us what grade we believe we expect to receive for each course, I always press “C’. And no, I don’t ever think I’m supposed to get a ‘C’, but that way, I don’t disappoint myself. So I don’t know if I want to say what grade I think I have received thus far, but I’m hoping it’s a good one.

Needless to say, I am anxiously waiting to see what grade the professor believes I deserve.

All in all, I have loved every bit of this class and it has become one of my favorite courses from my college career. I cannot wait to see what the remaining weeks have to offer.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Semester Assessment”

  1. Wonderful reflection and great example and display of multiple skills!
    The Darth Vader MEME reference is EPIC!
    You have easily earned an “A” thus far, and I know that you will maintain it!
    Thank you so much for the great contributions to CT101 and our class!
    Great work!

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