Mid Semester Assessment


This current semester is like no other

This one is for the books..

BTW, this is how 2020 is going so far…

The truth is…

there’s been days this semester where I feel like nothing is going my way. I’m speaking about all my courses btw! some days are simply more stressful than others!

Overall, this Covid semester has been a roller-coaster as many people would say! but I can definitely say I’m getting through it!  The semester is more than half way done, I just need to finish strong!

CT101 has taught me a lot actually! Small things such as inserting hyperlinks, creating giphs, playing with the text, and using many different sources on the internet.

I can comfortably insert hyperlinks with no problem, for example, here’s a link to blackboard. 

These are helpful tips and tools that I can use in the future or with current school work!

Now, one of my main skills that I learned this semester is creating my own Gif! This is something I’ve never knew how to do before.

Now I can easily create GIFS and share with my peers, friends or family members!

So far, at this moment I’m working on my new website, I want to be as unique and creative as possible. so that is something I would definitely like to improve and work  on.

These blog assignments has helped me a lot as a communicator. I genuinely feel like I can speak about anything that’s on my mind or how I feel at the moment. For example, I love basketball! By looking at my previous work viewers can see how much I expressed my love for the game! Click here, and you will see one of my previous post blogging about my passion and love for sports!

I LOVE blogging.

I can speak what’s on my mind!

Like right now! #2020 #president #who’s going to win? #nervous #future


hmm… what grade do I believe I’ve earned?

As of right now, I believe I’ve earned an A. I say this because I’ve been putting in effort into all assignments and using each skill I’ve learned into my work.

BTW, take a look at my website! please take note that I’m far from done and there’s a lot of work to be done! but progress is being made!

As I stated before, I have a passion for the game of Basketball! so I will be publishing NBA content only on my website!

With that being said, thank you all for reading my blog post!

4 thoughts on “Mid Semester Assessment”

  1. Great work on this!
    Wow, the examples that are coming in from the class are really epic!
    Skills displayed and retained!
    Thank you so much!
    The “A” is well earned!
    Your site is looking good! More to come!
    Great GIF & MEME selections here!

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