Mid Semester Reflection

Ah yes.. we have finally reached mid semester. It truly feels like yesterday I joined this class and look at how time flew. I learned so many great things like making memes, gifs, creating various forms of photo editing from https://assignments.ds106.us/

The photo above is my proudest CT 101 meme assignment I made lol.

The photo above is a paranormal encounter happening in a hotel. Your wondering why am I showing you this? Well I created my own domain name which is http://slimshakey.com/

This domain that I created talks about creepy conspiracy theories and horror content that I wish to make more in the future for my website.

The biggest thing I knew was that the internet is a creative platform to express yourself and your talent. However I always wanted to know how to make a website, now that I found out how to do it I can use it in the future.

The assignments as a communicator made me express my creative inputs on the topic. Each blog posts I was able to give insight and knowledge and try to make it fun in my own way. I really enjoy this class because it takes away from all the other stressful classes I have and I also learn some valuable tools I can use for my job career.

My biggest skills I can say is that if you give me a task I can be very creative and think outside the box which I hope to showcase in my website

My weakness would typing and coming up with what to say because I have so many thoughts formulated in my head but I can’t type everything I want to express. I believe I have earned a B+ or an A for the Class because I do all the assignments on time and I try my best to be creative and engaging.


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  1. Well said, and this is spot on! You have earned and maintained the grade of A! Keep up the great work and by the way, your website is looking great!

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