Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

How am I doing in CT101?
Being of this semester, I wasn’t confident enough to get through this. Creating memes and hyperlinking are the fun things that were really exciting. I’m doing fine right now, however, I have a lot of assignments to submit.

How many points have I earned so far, and what grade do I believe I am maintaining?
The first few assignments I have done on time, however, in the middle skip some assignments. I feel that everything I’ve shared so far has been taken seriously, and I’ve learned a lot in the process. I attempted to follow the professor’s directions as closely as possible whenever I posted something. So, I feel I was successful in maintaining the quality of my blog postings. I trying my best to get A.

What have I learned and retained the most?
I’ve learned a lot of different methods to express myself and modify things, as well as a lot of knowledge. That information came from a variety of websites I learned about in CT 101, includinghttps://mmm.page//, https://assignments.ds106.us/, and https://giphy.com/.

What new skills have I developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my weekly posts?

Till now, there are so many new skills have I developed, cultivated, and displayed regularly in my weekly posts. The first thing I learned was how to create memes and GIFs. I found websites like GIPHY and Imgur quite intriguing and simple to deal with when the lecturer introduced us to them.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I attempt to assess my performance through self-reflection by regularly reading comments and feedback on my posts to see whether my professor or fellow classmates have advised that I improve in terms of formatting or offering a more detailed explanation of something.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

There are lots of things I know now before taking this class. websites like GiphyImgurDS106, and mmm.page , etc and most WordPress.  One of the best things that makes me so happy is to build my own website. The skill I learned from this class helped me improve my general communication abilities, and I am grateful for that.


Are there any assignments that you are missing?  Are you commenting regularly on your classmates’ posts? Are you responding back to comments given to you by the professor & your classmates? Are you participating during class time? 

I participate in class and respond to the professor’s questions during class. While the lecturer discusses the homework and works on drafts, I also take notes. I also make an effort to comment on my peers’ posts on a regular basis and to answer to comments on my own articles as often as feasible.

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  1. Hello, Sudipta your creative and great energy in your post now that we are almost done with this course you can truly see what you have accomplished from the midpoint to the final.
    Good work!!!

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