Mid- Term Re-cap

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

At the beginning of the semester, I felt a Lil lost and confused about the class, but as time passing by I been learned a lot, and the fear that I felt at the beginning disappear, I fell more confident about the class. I love the way the professor teaches the class, in other classes I could say that I feel pressure but in this class, I feel very relax. In this class I learned to make a lot of stuff for example creating a Domain, I found it very fun. I think I maintaining a good grade since I attend every class meeting, I accept that I been procrastinated the work and been submitted the assignments a Lil late, but up to now I submit every assignment up to date, I looking forward to working hard for a good grade at the end of the semester.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

In this class I learned how to create a meme, I like the fact that through a meme one can express their feelings and thoughts thru a meme. The greatest asses that I think I will learn in this class it is when I made my website.

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

The Skill that I recently develop and most of the time display on my post is the Gifs, they are my favorite because I never thought that I will learn how to create them. But I looking forward to learning and mastering other techniques that the class will bring in the future.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I think my performance for this class will be growing little by little while I will be learning. Looking back to the assignments that I made for the class I could tell that I have been improving my skills in the class.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

Something that I didn’t know and learned in CT 101 class is to make a Gifs. I always saw Gifs on social media and the internet and always wondering on how people made them.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

Yes, I felt that sometimes my posts look the like same, but I guess that has to do with the owner’s like and taste. I will do my effort to change the thematic of my post for my future post by adding hyperlinks.

3 thoughts on “Mid- Term Re-cap”

  1. Great work on this! Spot on!
    Im so happy to hear that you feel relaxed and comfortable in our class! Learning is FUN and applying the new skills, although challenging can also be FUN! Thanks so much!

  2. I agree with you I too was also the same with this class but the professor’s style of teaching made me more comfortable. Lol, it’s ok to procrastinate sometimes because in this class u need the patience to develop a creative mind.

  3. I agree I’ve been procrastinating a lot too but overall I’m get it done regardless procrastinator so I know for me personally I refuse to let the semester end and not get every assignment that I need done DONE. Also I agree this class has pushed my creativity and taught me how to make my own domain which is something I needed to learn how to do regardless for my business website. So thanks to the Professor for that

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