My Initial Reaction to CT 101

At first I was a little bummed because I’d recently taken two classes with Professor Nelson and I was afraid I wouldn’t come across a professor nor a class like hers anymore.

I really enjoyed both classes because they were interesting and I got chance to show my creativity on multiple occasions. With this being I did really well. As the pandemic progresses my ability to remain focused is becoming more of a challenge therefore the less interested I am the less motived I am.


Despite having this fear I logged on without having any expectations and remained optimistic.

My first reaction was ” this Professor Seslow appears to be very welcoming and informative”. As Professor Seslow continued to explain a bit about what the class is about and how things are going to go I knew that I was going to enjoy the class.

Happy So Excited GIF

I am excited to see what my peers and I will create this semester! I am also looking forward to learning what Professor Seslow is going to teach us !

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