What Is Currently Making Ymacula Happy on the Internet

I am a big fan of YouTube. I love YouTube because it is a platform that is very diverse when it comes down to content. YouTube could be entertaining and informative. This week on Youtube I’ve been watching DIY videos. For valentines day I was surfacing the web for explosion boxes to gift my parents and boyfriend.

They were overpriced especially for something I can make by myself.  With this being I searched up some DIY explosion boxes up on Youtube. There were so many kinds. I bought the materials on Amazon. I made two for Valentine’s Day and one for my aunt’s 75th birthday all for the price of one.

I took pictures of the beginning process but then I got sidetracked …


After I completed the explosion box I added some pictures, stickers and butteries. The butterflies were able to fly out as soon as they open their boxes. They loved it.

The internet is a great resource for finding different alternatives. In the future I wish to improve on making explosion boxes and venture off into making other crafty things.

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  1. You’re so right. Youtube has to be the mecca for DIY videos. And thank you for the video. I definitely know what I’m making my girlfriend next valentines.

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