My Visual Obssesion.

Your favourite photo?

I chose this prompt because it was the simplest I could think of. Also, I enjoy visual things; it is my preferred method of self-expression. This would be beneficial to me after class because I could do so much with pictures, and I could incorporate it into my future projects and use it in the real world.

Since I’ve always wanted to Cosplay my favorite anime characters, these are two of my favorite images in my camera roll. This piqued my interest because I took the photos myself, and the addition of ring-light and a little edit made them even better.



Reality 😭😅

In this picture, I attempted to cosplay as Kakegurui, a character from one of my favorite anime series.

Favorite Moments in College

As previously mentioned, I prefer things to be more visual because it is more enjoyable and easier to understand. This assignment is similar to the first one I made because I wanted to recall how I felt before the pandemic at school. It was all a lot of fun, so I decided to do a memory lane video for school. This will assist me outside of class in tasks such as editing a YouTube video for a school assignment or even an audition clip,  as I am interested in acting. I edited the video because I wanted to show my peers my school memories.

My favorite videos and pictures taken in school 

This video begins at the start of the school semester and ends with the lockdown time. I was in the green shirt in the dressing room, getting ready for a show at York College named Julius Cesar. I was in and around school for some of the posts. I was wearing the gold dress in Albany for a CUNY school meeting in February when this photo was taken.


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  1. Hey Omoniyi, I love your post. I’ve always fancied myself a visually expressive person as well. Nice job on doing both assignments and not just one. Your youtube clip is cool and the beat is dope.

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