Week 4. are memes art?


I have actually heard this question quite often. I’ve heard people talk and discuss memes and art. I personally think that memes are art. Memes are a way for people to express their selves and what they find interesting, how they feel, and more.

Happy Squirrel meme

Memes are even used in advertisements. Some people have had their games/business promoted through the use of memes. For instance, the mobile advertisement ads. The ads say something such as “omg I can’t beat this level 😅😂😂 when it’s the first level of the game and they’re clearly failing the level on purpose.

Among Us meme

Stonks Only Go Up meme

When I first learned about memes, I thought they were cool. I had thought to myself this was humorous and a nice way for people to express their art. I love looking at memes and seeing the new ones people come up with.

Dory from Nemo  (5 second memory) meme

To sum this up, yes memes are a form of art. People can express themselves through the use of memes. Memes can be many different expressions such as sad, happy, excited. There is no limit to memes.

Rainbow Spongbob meme

To finish off this post. I think that some of my favorite memes are the memes that got me into memes.

Karate Kyle

Karate Kyle meme

Chemistry cat

Chemistry Cat meme


One Does Not Simply meme


Y U No meme

And to finish fry

Futurama Fry meme

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