Expectations for Ct 101 & Gif Creation

You should never, I suppose, judge a book by its cover. I had figured it was going to be a tough one at the beginning of the semester for this course because we were dealing with technology. I also had in mind that we were going to have tons of work since blogging deals with it.

I had in mind, however, that it was going to be interesting to learn new internet skills.

I was completely pumped and hyped up because I found an entirely new side of creativity. I’ve always wondered how memes and edits on a post are handled and I want to learn that.

Ct 101 is more enjoyable compared to other classes and it leaves space for more innovation and motivation, so it doesn’t only concentrate on having a perfect score, but it lets you do what you want and be as creative as possible. Everyone is on the internet at all times, and people want to do something and discover how it works.One of the strengths of this class is how it allows you to interact with other people and make them relate to your content. As for me, with people who have the same interests as I do on the internet, I would love to build and share content. With that being said, to build something that I have never been familiar with, I would take a thing or two from this class. Every day, it’s nice to learn new stuff that helps you in the real world.

The Bl community keeps me on the internet really happy.

I have interests in the internet that people around me find me wired for it, I don’t know why. Hello everyone sulu here. It is an interest of mine, however, that makes me happy, even if the people close to me do not understand. On the internet, my friends understand and encourage me because they are interested in it too. It started around last year before I got into a genre of shows called Bl, also known as Boy LoveIn the 1970s, the word boys love came from Japan as a mainstream of manga. The film industry, however, has begun to turn BL into shows and movies, offering the LGBTQ a great deal of representation. As love is equal and it is for everyone, I support and appreciate this culture.

My favorite Bl shows mostly Thai and

Thai and Taiwanese Bl shows  From top left  (I told sunset about you, Theory of love, TharnType, Manner of death, Oxygen the series, 2gether the series, Love by chance, History 3: trapped and Dark blue kiss)

My favorite Thai Bl actors

My favorite Bl actors

You Might be wondering why I have a favorite Bl actor and why on the internet they make me happy. Well, they make me happy on the internet because on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, I follow them. It’s not the only reason to follow them, because they still connect online with their fans and keep them happy by hosting events, doing big aways and playing games for the fans to enjoy.

Tiktok is another aspect that keeps me happy when it comes to having an interest in Bl. The people around me do not understand why I love Bl, as described earlier, but I have made friends on the Bl community side of Tiktok and always express our love and support for the community. It’s like a safe place for us to share our excitement with the love of Bl.

Bl Memes haha

Bl Memes.