I do have a lot of passions to choose from but the biggest one for me is sports. I really love not just the physical/mental trials that you go through when working to be at your best but also the fun and positivity that can result from it. Coming from a sports background, there would be many of those present and studying the history of certain sports have been thrilling. Unfortunately, I haven’t really been able to capitalize on the real life aspect of it because of other passions I have but I spent several years doing my own type of research in various sports (soccer, baseball, boxing, etc.)

To make it short and simple, I’m going to focus on how much I love the sport of boxing. While it can be a brutal, violent and unforgiving sport, it has a lot of history behind it as it is one of the oldest sports known to man! During my time in high school, I first started getting into the sport thanks to the man many know as “The Greatest”, Muhammad Ali.

Since I have had my own experiences with combat sports (doing 3 years of karate), I was hooked on the sport and wanted to learn more. Boxing and combat sports in general require a lot of discipline and patience in order to hone your craft and be the best that you can possibly be.  Upon making extensive research on boxing later on and having to do a research project for sports communication class last year, I was able to find a collection of rare footage of past champions dating back to the late 1800s. I was stunned at how it was possible to even capture film back in those days.

Here’s the footage!

Part 2 of the footage

If you ever have the time, you can access the footage for yourself.

Researching many past champions was a real treat but the one’s that I enjoyed researching the most were the aforementioned Ali and Mike Tyson as the two have some of the most intriguing paths during their careers and today, are revered as the two most popular fighters in the sports history.

Mike Tyson and Will Smith Among Pallbearers at Muhammad Ali's Funeral - The New York Times

It was awesome getting to learn about these two men and understand more about their lives.

Bio of Mike Tyson

Bio of Muhammad Ali

Bio of the history of prizefighting

To cap off, boxing can be a beautiful sport to watch if you’re into watching two human beat the stuffing out of each other but regardless, there are many more things that go into it than what meets the eye and it’s always important to remember that these people risk their lives to fight for people’s entertainment and to always give them a lot of respect to step into the ring even once.

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  1. Good Work!
    Forward motion!
    Fun use of the google drive access –
    Lets add a few more hyperlinks here – and always always always start every post with an image!
    Surely you can find a bio page for Ali, Mike Tyson and a wiki for boxing? You see, thats Context, and that is important, revise this and comment back once it is done – thank you! Good Work!

      1. Thank you Sir! This is better!

        Now, consider adding a personal story as well, perhaps you can tell us about the first time that you put on the gloves and began to train? This is what makes the process personal and allows for us to express it!

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