Picking a Domain Name!

I am finally in the process of making my own website! I wont lie, I have missed weeks of work and progress in this class and have fallen behind but I am now in the process of planning this website and I have decided that I wanted to stem away from what I focus on at school and try something new that I’ve always wanted to try!

Before my father came to the U.S he was worked in journalism in Colombia and would tell me about the various  stories that he would write about, this has always inspired me to make my own stories and maybe make my own website commenting on news stories around me. So this became the perfect opportunity for me to create that website and I’m very excited to get started.

My first order of business is to pick a domain name. I am planning on writing stories centered around my neighborhood, Jackson Heights since it’s such a diverse neighborhood with something always going on around here. Or maybe i’ll expand even further and use all of Queens and use any neighborhoods within Queens. So far the names I have are:






Customizing My Page!

So I’ve decided to put some of the posts assigned to us all together to make it easier and work on this post and update it as I go along with the process. I have decided to go with the name NowinQueens as I have finally finished my 2 posts on my website which feature two different locations from around Queens. I had written down some drafts for my post and I’m now customizing the page itself. So far it has been a little difficult to work around the customization options as I want it to look more journalistic but with the help of some videos I was able to get the simple look I wanted and even published my posts on to the website! It has a nice light orange background along with a picture that represented what I wanted to focus on in my website. I’m very excited to finally share it with everyone and plan on working on it and giving it some final touches!

Just a little sneak peak into my website at http://NowinQueens.com

Along with my website are my two News Stories that I put the most work in on and cover 2 news stories from around Queens with Interviews included!



Hope you guys like it!