Registering my Domain Name

My domain name is…… Vibewithcindy.

It was one of my favorites from my list and it was available. I can’t wait to set up my website. I hope to inspire others to do something they always wanted to do. Having my own website is something I’ve wanted for myself for 2 years now. This class is allowing this dream of mine to come true. I plan to create an environment on my website that people feel safe to share anything. Either they can share something making them happy or something that’s causing them pain mentally or physically. It won’t be a place where people spread hate, instead a place where one can go support and uplift others. I hope to boost people’s confidence. It took me years to boost my confidence after constant bullying and I can finally say I’m at my happiest point in life with many people I love. I plan to talk more about how I got to this point in my life through my website.

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