The Process

I felt that registering my domain name and creating a website was surreal. In the beginning, it didn’t hit me until I saw my website with the official URL, it took me a while to decide what I wanted to blog about. Since I knew that life right now has been nothing but a loop for me. But I finally decided to combine my love for Halloween, my favorite tv shows and to let my frustration about the justice system out on one website. This website is unique and sticks to the theme of good vs evil.

I dislike that the process can be complicated if you don’t follow the tutorial video and the instructions listed on our class website. I was able to follow the instructions steps by steps and completed the process in 25 minutes. However, after managing through the final step my computer started glitching. Rather than that, it was amazing to have experience creating my own website.

3 thoughts on “The Process”

  1. Sounds good!
    Lol, we are just getting started with the website design and customizing,
    By the way, what is the domain name you registered? You can hyperlink it here!
    Exciting for sure!

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