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The Endless Creativity

After completing this assignment, one thing is clear to me…my classmates are super talented. Every website I visited was just something different and unexpected in the best way possible. With every click, I thought to myself…

Many of the sites really inspired me to work harder on my own as well as just think outside the box. I visited the websites of Paola, Manpreet, Juan, Safiya, Fatema, Sudipta and Duojay. All of them had great designs and layouts, which I loved because I’m a sucker for visuals but their content was also really good.

Instead of rambling on about each website (because they’re a lot), I’ll leave you to have a look at them for yourself, but here are just a few reasons why I really liked some of them:

Safiya’s website –

Like I mentioned before, I enjoy good visuals, which her website has loads of. The home page is full of cool (and kind of haunting) images and quotes, which is what drew me in. Her first post was really fun to read and I also got a few new movies added on my to-watch list. The main thing I love about this website is that it looks like it’ll really have something for everyone.

Juan’s website –

This website stood out to me for many reasons, but especially because it was one of the few that had a comment section on the post. His movie review was great and included some stuff I didn’t pick up on so I was happy that I read it. Also the media he chose to include in his post were mostly gifs from the movie, which made it easier to picture and follow along.

Fatema’s website –

I loved everything about this website, from the blog posts to the images and design, it all was wonderfully constructed. It was fun to read about all the places that she has traveled to. I, myself, love visiting new places so this served as some great information as well as inspiration.

Overall, everyone had very creative websites with cool content. I can’t wait to see what more they have in store!

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  1. Hi Tiandra,
    I am glad that you liked my website. I also visited your site and I loved yours too. From domain name to color theme as well as the way you constructed the website, really great work!

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