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The end of the semester is here. This class gave me a memorable experience that no other courses could provide, and I will miss this class deeply.

This class is memorable for many reasons, and I am sure that everyone who took this class throughout this semester knows why. We learned a lot about our creativity, mind, and skill terms on the internet, especially me. I got a lot of information from this class, such as using software/platforms like WordPress, Giphy, and Ds106. These sites, especially DS106, helped me unlock my creativity because there were a lot of ideas provided to me, so it allowed me to mix and match my assignments.

From the start of the class, we explored what we could do and what we needed to improve on through the internet. Answering questions like if memes are art, I never thought about that until the professor gave us that assignment which is one of my favorites. Other assignments that I enjoyed doing would be assignment#5, assignment#11, and assignment#9. I also enjoy doing the rest of the assignments, but not as much as I mentioned. I can say that I improved a lot throughout the semester.

Assignment 1
Things That Makes Me Happy On The Internet

Assignment 2-Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narratives!

Assignment 3-Memes? Art?

Assignment 4-Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

Assignment 5-Digital Art & Creative Immediacy

Assignment 6-Mid-Semester Re-Cap Time!

Assignment 7-Picking A Domain Name!

Assignment 8-Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation!

Assignment 9-The WordPress Customizing Series, Part 1

Assignment 10-Exploring the WordPress Potentials, Part II!

Assignment 11-Panoramic Storytelling & Multiplicity

Assignment 12-Share your Website’s URL & Some Social Media Fun.

I started by putting no hyperlinks/detailed information and short responses to having a lot of detailed information (knowing how to hyperlink and use memes/gifs to give blog posts an expressive mood so classmates can see how I feel about certain things). After a long time of thinking, I decided not to continue my website after the semester ended because I feel like I am still new even though I learned a lot about website building. I know I can keep going to improve my website, but I don’t think I am ready to go down that path yet since it takes a lot of planning and ideas to make it work. I learned a lot, and I want to use the knowledge I got from this class to improve myself regarding internet design and media. Once I feel ready to continue the website.

Thank You, Professor, and All of my classmates, for giving me a mindset of design and being able to learn a lot of things not just about the internet but about life in general, sharing your guy’s opinions and describing how you got past that challenge gave me the motivation also to keep learning/Pushing. It was cool seeing yall in person every once a month, and the whole Panoramic View lesson was also quite fun. Thanks for Everything.– (It’s not much but hope you guys enjoy it!)

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  1. Thank You!
    Great work this semester across all of our CT101 criteria!
    It was great fun learning together, and the in person panoramic class was so much fun!
    So many great results from that too!
    Thank you for the hard work and for challenging yourself each week with a new ct101 design problem to solve! I have watched your skills grow with each week, and your website… looks great! Really fun idea to review games and expand from that!
    Thank you for the kind words, have a great summer!

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