Mid-Semester Assessment Assignment

When I first started CT101, I was terrified by the content we had to accomplish this semester. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself tech-savvy…

Anyway, as the semester moves forward, I realized the work wasn’t only comprehensible, but FUN!!!

I got to write my first blog ever, Internet Happiness, and make my first ever meme!

Animated GIF

However, this was just the beginning of my internet enlightening journey… now, I can even build a website!!! It is incredibly exciting to say I can make a website. I thought I was far from ever achieving such an accomplishment, but here I am, a proud owner of a brand new website!

I’ve learned so much from this course, things like blogging, website building, and completing assignments through the DS106 Assignment Repository website, such as summarizing a movie with Animated GIFs and placing a pop star out of place!

All of these assignments, and more, have helped me become a better communicator. They showed me how to have a voice online. When you blog and post words and content, you can bring your internet persona to life!

Before I started this class, I had no idea how to do any of these things, but with the help of Professor Seslow, all of this and more has been made possible!

Right now, my website is under construction. I need to improve and work on the small behind-the-scenes data and add content. It seems simple, but there is so much to do!

My domain name is claudiabakes.com. I decided to go with a simpler web name because I found it to be very catchy. I hope to do exactly what my domain name says, which is to bake! I would love to share many recipes I have in mind and explore new ones through other people’s websites.

Like Professor Seslow said, right now, we all have As! I am going to do everything possible to keep my A and keep moving forward. I hope we all get As when this semester is done. It will be a sorrowful goodbye to this class…