Assignment #10: Visiting A Classmate’s Website!

Hi everyone!

I was looking through all of the awesome websites that my classmates created. Everyone did such a good job with the design and layout of their webpages so far.

I visited Claudia’s website, ClaudiaBakes, and wow! I really enjoyed reading through her recipes, and the pictures were absolutely mouth-watering. The recipes were laid out in a very neat, easy-to-read format, and her instructions were clear to follow. As a fellow baker, I hope I can try out some of these new recipes! I think I’ll begin with the homemade carrot cake 😀

I also visited Brandon’s site, NBABrandon. As someone who knows little to nothing about basketball, I thought that his site was very informative. It was mostly image-based and kept you up-to-date with whatever’s happening in the NBA currently without overloading the reader with too much information. I look forward to seeing the new content when the NBA season starts!