Assignment #10: Visiting A Classmate’s Website!

Hi everyone!

I was looking through all of the awesome websites that my classmates created. Everyone did such a good job with the design and layout of their webpages so far.

I visited Claudia’s website, ClaudiaBakes, and wow! I really enjoyed reading through her recipes, and the pictures were absolutely mouth-watering. The recipes were laid out in a very neat, easy-to-read format, and her instructions were clear to follow. As a fellow baker, I hope I can try out some of these new recipes! I think I’ll begin with the homemade carrot cake 😀

I also visited Brandon’s site, NBABrandon. As someone who knows little to nothing about basketball, I thought that his site was very informative. It was mostly image-based and kept you up-to-date with whatever’s happening in the NBA currently without overloading the reader with too much information. I look forward to seeing the new content when the NBA season starts!

Assignment #6 – Choosing A Name!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been debating about what kind of website I should make. I love to bake and decorate cakes, so I was thinking of doing a baking website with a new cake design each week + the process behind it. I’m not sure if I’d have the equipment to film the entire process, but I might include a short description of how I did it.

For the name, I was thinking of either or Honestly, I’m a bit partial to the first name because I adore anything strawberry flavored, plus it just sounds appetizing.

For my second idea, I wanted to make an online portfolio of my artwork. This would just be a mix of work I’ve completed + process videos on whatever I’m doing at the moment. For the name, I was thinking of just using my artist handle,

So far, these are my ideas for what kind of website I’d like to create, as well as the content I’d like to publish on it.

Domain Name Assignment

I’ve never had a website before, so when I heard we get to choose a domain name, I was so excited!

Excited Happy Birthday GIF

So many names came to mind, but I’ve settled with four options:





I know, I know. Such a cliché!

But, honestly, I love them each in their own unique way because…

Cute I love Baking T-Shirt Design - I Love Baking - Sticker | TeePublic

Baking just makes you feel warm and cozy. The aroma it brings to your home, the softness of the goods you produce, the comfort it brings to your family, what isn’t there to enjoy about baking!

Ooh the wonderful things baking does to one’s soul…

Fotos con corazones | Rostos de meme, Memes, Memes apaixonados

And the right domain name will help transpire everything I hope to accomplish in my new website!