Are memes ART?!

Are internet memes a form of Art?

Of coarse!

Just like ART, it’s a form that allows people to express themselves creatively.

Meme: an element of a culture or system of behavior…

Now, what is culture? Well, its definitely an art!

ART: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination…

This all adds up! It proves that memes can be considered a form of ART.

I believe that memes are good for communication because it gives us a better picture of what one is expressing. Just texting isn’t enough. Memes can also allow someone to relate more. For example, lets ask ourselves, how many times have we said, “this is true” or have laughed  about memes because you connected something with it. You see!

Many times we don’t want to talk, instead we just want to send a picture that shows how we feel at that moment.

Thanks to memes, we can do that!

Like this! This was me when we started CT101.

Another example is when someone says that CT101 class is a chill class. Just saying that is not enough to express what you think.

You have to see the picture to get the full idea. Just like Art pieces, some artists draw to express themselves better.