Assignment #11: Vaporwave!

Hi everyone!

It’s official: I’m in love with Vaporwave art <3

I love everything from the retro aesthetic to the vibrant, neon colors. Here’s two versions of a Vaporwave artwork I made with the character L from Death Note.

If you’ve watched the show, you know that apples and potato chips are significant to the plot, and it wasn’t until I finished both of the versions that I realized how much it reminded me of the second opening theme.

I had so much fun recoloring the chips and adjusting the sizes and orientations of the apples. The kanji over L’s eyes in the second version translates to “genius” in Japanese, and the chips I chose are a very popular brand that I personally enjoy eating. If you haven’t tried seaweed-flavored Calbee potato chips, now is the time! 😀

Assignment #4 – DS 106!

Hi everyone!

For my first assignment, I chose to do something with typography. I had a little intro to typography in my graphic design class and decided to try my hand at this cipher assignment because it looked pretty cool!

Cipher Typography Photo Images

Basically, you can encode any phrase that you want into a cipher, and use these alpha-numerical digits to form a picture. The final product should have two versions: one with the cipher, and one with the translated message.

For my project, I encoded my message to Base32 using

As for the content, I kept using the theme of apples. You should know by now that I’m a huge anime fan, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect phrase to encode than this one:

Ver. 1 : Encoded

Ver. 2 : Decoded w/ under layer

This took me around 3+ hours to color and complete in Photoshop, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out! If you zoom in on the second image, the letters created this cool effect with the color under them. I had to make the cipher font really small because the spaces between the letters looked kind of inconsistent if they were any larger.

For my second assignment, I chose to try doing a book cover design.

Apocalyptic Alternative Book Cover

I’ve never really done any formal design projects like this, so I thought it would be interesting to try this. I hope I’ll get to learn a thing or two about what colors I should choose, what appeals to the audience etc. I think that this could go in soooo many directions: supervillains, killer robots, maybe even zombies!

Can’t wait to try it out!