Internet’s Boy & Domain Name Assignment

Hmm what shall be my domain name?

To be honest I came up with 3 different names that has a personal  meaning behind it.

The first one is slimshakey – this name is an inspiration from my favorite rapper eminem

He goes by the name of SlimShady. However my name is Shaikh but pronounced Shake and so SlimShakey was born back in 2015 the reason I say 2015 is because that is the name I go by on my youtube channel and the persona I want to have. Kind of like this alter ego mixing both personalities, the quiet shy person I am at home and the energetic outgoing person I am outside.

The second is brownprincezuko. Based off Avatar The Last Airbender, Zuko is my favorite character besides Sokka lol. On Instagram that is my username and so I thought mixing myself and him together sounds fun.

The third is slimshakeystudios, I always wanted to create a brand or product with my name so having the word studios makes it sound more legit. I am trying to pursue in acting so having a legit acting portfolio website to showcase my highlights can be nice.

What do y’all think? Comments your thoughts!

Now on to the Internet’s Own Boy Video, this video was very interesting because things like these I am very into. This felt like I was watching a thriller type of documentary. Aaron was a genius and he should be praised, it is just due to unfortunate circumstances what led to his action at the end. The biggest takeaway I got from the video was a quote he said ,”what is the most important thing in the world that I might be working on right now.”

Based on that quote I thought of this photo, There is so much negativity in 2020, we need unity and have to work together to make this world a better place. It starts with us to create change and influence our younger generations for a brighter future.

Hate dies, Love Arrives.