This semester was crazy!

This semester was crazy!

I felt like a blogger throughout the semester. It was a different experience for me because I dont usually explore the enternet the way I explored it this year. I would say I was forced in the beginning to discover new things in the internet. I did initially because I had to complete my assignments for this class in order to get a good grade. But, it was all worth it at the end because I learned alot. I was not going to do it unless I had to, so this was the best way for me to get out rom my box.

Yes, these are people trying to change the tires while the car is driving.

The things I learned in this class were how to make giffs and creating giffs from videos. This is definitely something that I’m obsessed with. I didn’t know you can create a giff from a video! I have been using the same giffs thats offered when you text someone. Now I have upgraded my giffs and they’re more funny. So for now my strengths are making giffs.

Something I needed to definitely work on was my website. I still need to enhance my website and learn more about other programs that can help with that. I also need to start exposing some of my culture just like how I did in here. I started making giffs that were related to the Middle Eastern culture. I feel like thats something I need to expose more, especially when I finally have the opportunity because I have my own website!

The assignments of this class cetaintly helped me as a communicator. I was able to use my voice and it was not limited to anything. Thats the best part of this class. Although we have requirements to fulfill, like the questions that are asked for us to answer, we can answer in our way which was really fun.

Yup, it says it on the picture. I believe I deserve an A+!

Joking! Everyone wishes to see that grade on their transcript. I’ll be very exited if I receive that grade for this class, but we have to be fair. I feel like I could’ve done more. My creativity wasn’t enough to recieve that grade. I feel like I have earned an A because I did all the work but theres always room for improvement. I could’ve done more.

#Livingwithayoosh is my domain name for my website. I am planning to post Middle Eastern recipes and talk about food. I am also planning on posing things avout nature because I love nature.