The Final Blog Post

The Final Blog Post

Reflecting on the first day to the last day  of class. I am a little sad that this class has come to an end but not sad that the semester is over. Overall like I  mention in previous post, before this is the best class I have ever taken. Before this class i thought alcoholism was the best class to take and it was my number 1 class until I took this class. CT 101 was a great learning journey because the class was an open discussion and felt different. Ct 101 class was not just a normal lecture class and the professor going on and on about whatever topic they needed to go over.
Ct 101 setting was different the classroom is a studio. Everyday in class I would sit different because the feeling of class was different. Some days I’m sitting toward the computer, other days I am turned in between the computer and looking at the professor, and other days I am just reading the subtitles to everyone talking as if it’s a movie.
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It did not feel like class it felt like a sanctuary of learning about life and the different situations that come up. The most memorable thing that was learned in the class was communication is key, and there are many ways of communicating; talking, sign language, dancing, writing, and a new way that I never thought about is gifs. Gifs is a new way of communicating it lets people know their reaction and how people feel better than words. Gifs also can be used to tell a story or sequence of events. Learning how to make gifs is something I will always be grateful for because it’s another way for me to express myself when words don’t do it justice.


I plan on using my own gifs after this class on social media and with my friends and family in text and using more creativity to add to it. I feel like this class has also help me with thinking and looking at things differently. Using creativity more is a goal in my everyday life and I plan on pursing it more. I was getting used to the system. I had a hard time showing a creative side and a hard time coming up with ideas on posts. My mindset was just getting the post done but being generic. I also plan on using my website that was made in this class.

Still not entirely sure about the direction I want it to go in yet. But I am leaning toward just showing things that I like as if it’s a newer version of myspace. For example my highlights of me high school playing football. Adding to it, highlights of me playing playstation games. Eventually the end goal I want to make it into a business that I can sell clothing. Throughout the semester using Giphy,, photopea, on previous post and getting comfortable with those websites to edit gifs I think I should get an A in this class.  I should get an A because doing those other posts before this last post, I feel comfortable to be an actual blogger. I feel like I be an actual blogger and blogging everyday for the rest of my life. From the first post that I did all the way to this one I would be more than glad to do them again because each post was enjoyable and did not feel like school work. It felt like I was something I would like to do in my spar time.
If I had to pick which post I like the best it would be the third assignment Memes being art. This assignment open my eyes to me liking art more because I had the impression of art being drawing,, painting, things like that I can not do well; But using memes which I feel I am good at is apart of art, along with mainly everything else i do. Art is part included with all things like making a sandwich as James Franco would say, it’s all art.
To end I really appreciate the professor for this class using new ideas to make learning new things in technology enjoyable. This class was the best! very happy I got to take this course.

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  1. Thank You, Sir!
    I appreciate the hard work, catching up and string finish here in CT101!
    I knew you would!
    Keep going with your website!
    Practice practice!
    Happy Holidays and thank you once again for a great semester!

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