Assignment 10: Deja Vu

At first, I didn’t really know what to expect from this class.

I walked into the class, sat down, and listened to the first lecture and for the most part, my thoughts consisted of, “Hey, he looks like Jeff Bezos

And I also thought about this speech from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence about Memes at some point in class.

But I started to think about a lot of the stuff we were going to do.  The internet, whether for better or worse, is a home for me.

It’s my connection to the outside world outside of school and work.  It’s a place where I market, host, and promote my work

So I figured this class was fitting for a lot of the things I wanted to do especially when it came to my number-centric work.

Stonks: Why we're all saying it now.

I think a cool thing I learned later in the course was all the alternate free sites used for making Gifs.

Normally I would make them on Adobe Premiere but I was reminded of the fact that there are many free alternatives to the adobe products I used.  

It was nice to teach people how to make Gifs with Gifs and I wish more tutorial pages were like that.

In Assignment 3, I was able to divulge why I think Memes are an art form and what makes them special. I think that making memes as a means to tell a story during Assignment 1 helped me understand the potential for using Memetic language to communicate an idea. 

I got to photoshop myself into a historical photo which challenged my photoshop skills a lot and taught me how to use certain filters more effectively. 

I left the class with not one but two sites.

The first site I made was my MMM Page

I explained why it felt so minimal during assignment 5 but to summarize I felt so conditioned to make everything slick and simple as to synchronize with the current state of the internet that when it came time to maximize I struggled to figure out what to do.

The last site I made is very important. The process of making it was surprisingly easy to a point.

Staples Easy Button GIF - Staples Easy Button That Was Easy - Discover &  Share GIFs

Naming my site after my brand was simple enough. I didn’t have many other ideas.

At first, making the site was difficult. My goal was to place one of my two series on the site.

I really struggled to do what I wanted to do for my website.  The key to hopping the learning curve though was so easy I was practically upset by the fact I didn’t do it sooner.

Typing in WordPress and Webcomic I found a plugin called Toocheke and a tutorial on how to use it which made transferring my series far easier.


I feel like this site is the most important thing to come of this class so far because it can serve as a place to consolidate and archive my work if something were to happen to it on the other platforms I occupy.

I think because I handed in the final so late I probably deserve a grade between an A and a B. 

I thought I had done this assessment already but somehow I didn’t. I’m taking two classes with Ryan which are both a blast so I think my brain is fusing the two together.


As I explained in the Mid-Term assessment. I feel like I grew in my skills in terms of blogging and found a perfect balance when it comes to the usage of memes and Gifs.

I successfully create a website to host my series. I responded to as many posts as I can and giving feedback. 


3 thoughts on “Assignment 10: Deja Vu”

  1. Well done sir!!
    It was indeed a great semester full of new learning experiences!
    Not only did you display a series of stylized and energetic blog posts, full of diverse experimants and skill application – but your website… wow, amazing work!!
    It was a great pleasure to work with you in 2 courses, and to see how the conversations would carry over in between both!
    Thank You, once again for the amazing commitment to CT101 / 201!

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