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My Final Post about My Website & my reflection

My grasp of digital media and storytelling has improved as a result of the many useful skills and ideas I have gained in CT101, the Digital Storyteller course. The value of using a variety of digital tools and platforms to create engaging narratives was one of the course’s main lessons.I improved my ability to use various multimedia components, like GIFs, memes, photos, and videos, to enhance the storytelling process throughout the course. I learned how to use these components skillfully to draw in viewers and elicit strong feelings. I also looked into the effectiveness of blogging and social media sites as channels for disseminating digital content to a larger audience.gained WordPress skills, allowing me to tailor and individualize my website digital storytelling initiatives. This information gave me a wealth of opportunities to express my ideas and interact with others online.

I completed a few easy steps to construct a website using WordPress. I first registered a domain with Reclaim Hosting, then I created a WordPress account and chose a theme that complemented my taste and objectives. Then, I added pages, menus, and widgets to the site to make it my own. I released my work and made it available to everyone at last.When I think back on my time in CT101, I am immensely thankful for the chance to hone my abilities in digital storytelling. The course gave me a solid foundation in digital media literacy, giving me the tools I need to express myself and communicate in the digital world. I now understand the narrative craft better and the power it has to unite individuals from different eras and places.Additionally, CT101 encouraged me to experiment and be curious, which motivated me to learn about cutting-edge technology and challenge conventional storytelling conventions.

I now have a growth attitude and am motivated to keep developing my skills in digital storytelling since the program stressed the value of accepting failure as a stepping stone to success. CT101 has been a rewarding and transformational experience overall. I’ve improved my practical abilities, broadened my creative horizons, and learned more about how narratives are shaped by digital media. As I continue to develop as a digital storyteller, I can’t wait to use these fresh abilities and insights in my future ventures, both personally and professionally.

I participated in our class, turned in assignments on time, and left some thoughtful remarks. I constantly showed that I had a solid grasp of the course subject and had successfully applied it to my projects.  I was unable to routinely attend class because of travel time and distance because my family moved to the Staten Island. I am aware that this is a poor justification, but I have to stay home to care for my wife, mother, and children. I also have a job to help support my family. however, I completed every task and edition. I went above and above to demonstrate my originality, critical thinking, and effort, and I think I will get an A. This is my last semester , Grade A can boost my overall GPA.




My time in the CT101 Digital Storyteller class was tremendously rewarding. I valued the chance to experiment with new digital tools and platforms and hone my narrative abilities. It was energizing to be able to use my ideas freely and try out different multimedia techniques. Additionally, the welcoming neighborhood and cooperative atmosphere promoted fruitful conversations and the sharing of various viewpoints.I want to use my newly acquired abilities to communicate and interact with others in the real world by using digital media. I want to share gripping stories that uplift, educate, and arouse emotions whether I’m doing it through blogging, social media, or multimedia projects. I want to use these abilities to leave a lasting impression in the digital world, develop important connections, and constructively contribute to online dialogue.




Yes, I’m dedicated to maintaining and running my new website. I’ll use a number of tactics to make sure it endures and remains relevant. In order to provide visitors with new and interesting content, I will first constantly update the content by releasing new blog entries, articles, or multimedia components. I’ll also keep a close eye on the website’s performance,




take care of any technical problems as they arise, and maintain an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly design. I’ll also frequently backup the information on my website to guard against possible loss. Finally, in order to create a feeling of community and promote continual communication, I will actively communicate with my audience through comments, criticism, and social media.

Final Website   > link  <    & description:




Welcome to my brand-new website for blog posts! The design is simple and intuitive, and the header features my logo in a fashionable way. The menu bar has important submenus like





and “Photography.”


The “About” part contains details about me and my experience blogging, and the “Contact” section enables readers to get in touch with me quickly. The “Photography” area of the website highlights my eye-catching images, improving its overall visual appeal. This website was created using the flexible content management system WordPress. WordPress provides a variety of programmable themes and plugins that have made website creation easier. It has made it possible for me to easily manage and publish my blog content while also producing an attractive and responsive design.

In terms of visually encapsulating my brand and establishing a smooth user experience, building this website has been successful. However, I have struggled to make some design features my own and guarantee the best plugin compatibility. However, the process of creating and maintaining a website has been tremendously fulfilling, allowing me to interact with a larger audience and share my passion for photography.

In conclusion, setting up a WordPress website provides both individuals and organizations with a wide range of opportunities to develop a powerful online presence. It’s an excellent platform for modification and expansion thanks to its user-friendly interface and wide selection of plugins. Additionally, the CT 101 course equips students with priceless knowledge and abilities that enable them to confidently navigate the digital world and unleash their limitless creative potential. This CT 101 class is the last class in my bachelor college program. just only this class i am taking this semester to be graduated. i really like this class especially Prof Ryan Seslow. I would remember this class in my enter life.

God bless everyone!

3 thoughts on “The Final post-website!”

  1. Thank you, Sir!
    Great work on this last and final post, as well as you last final post and assignment in your 4 year degree program!
    Thank you, you have completed great work this semester. I really like your website and how it is growing! Keep at it! Practice takes time, just a little bit each day or over each week goes a long way!
    Thank you for the regular blogging posts that you completed each week, they expanded every week in content and reflections. I appreciate your active participation here on the CT101 website – you were always engaged with your fellow classmates and supporting their work!
    Have a wonderful summer!

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