The Future of My Website

How will i be using my website going forward?

Well first things first, i forgot to tell you guys my website name, its It’s nothing yet but a blank canvas ready to be covered.

So honestly, I initially wanted my website to be about my major, a place where prospective employers could view my contributions to my major. However, given how simple it is to setup to a website, i just may create another website that will showcase my work and credentials.

I think my website will display who i am, my photography, my experiences and  journalism that i’m proud of. Which is why i choose my name to be the domain. After this class has ended, if i could post 3 posts a week of either art or events i think this website would be successful in my eyes, i plan on linking my instagram and facebook accounts to gain attention.

I took a look at Professor Seslows website and it really inspired me, like seriously, professors a legend. Im about to graduate this semester and im considering returning just to learn some communication tech & animation.

The artwork and layout of his static cover is exactly something i want. I have an idea in mind, but its all speculation and could change at any moment.

If i could say one thing, i wish my high school had taught us communication tech or website development in our early years, maybe then i could’ve had my original domain name I know this class & information could benefit a ton of students with a vision however it sucks that it wasn’t given to them at a younger age.

3 thoughts on “The Future of My Website”

  1. Thanks so much! Your too kind! Im learning as I go, we are in this together, and practice everyday really helps! This is a great post and it helps give us context and allures us to your site!
    Looking good!
    Check out ” vapor wave” on youtube đŸ™‚

  2. Hey Anil I totally agree with you about the highschool idea because honestly if I would’ve been introduced earlier to the digital world and being creative online, I probably would’ve started my digital studies minor earlier. I like the idea of your website. Hope you have fun customizing it. Also Facts, Professor Seslow’s website and his editing skills are to live for!

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