The Future of My Website

How will i be using my website going forward?

Well first things first, i forgot to tell you guys my website name, its AnilMangroo.com. It’s nothing yet but a blank canvas ready to be covered.

So honestly, I initially wanted my website to be about my major, a place where prospective employers could view my contributions to my major. However, given how simple it is to setup to a website, i just may create another website that will showcase my work and credentials.

I think my website will display who i am, my photography, my experiences and  journalism that i’m proud of. Which is why i choose my name to be the domain. After this class has ended, if i could post 3 posts a week of either art or events i think this website would be successful in my eyes, i plan on linking my instagram and facebook accounts to gain attention.

I took a look at Professor Seslows website and it really inspired me, like seriously, professors a legend. Im about to graduate this semester and im considering returning just to learn some communication tech & animation.

The artwork and layout of his static cover is exactly something i want. I have an idea in mind, but its all speculation and could change at any moment.

If i could say one thing, i wish my high school had taught us communication tech or website development in our early years, maybe then i could’ve had my original domain name @anil.com. I know this class & information could benefit a ton of students with a vision however it sucks that it wasn’t given to them at a younger age.

Domain registration & Web hosting set up!

Its a breeeeeeeze,

I’m still trailing behind on past work, but the good thing is Professor Seslow Records class sessions. Setting up my website and getting everything together has honestly been a cakewalk because of it. Im able to go back and replay anything if i had any issues. This is great while many other professors i’ve sadly previously taken do not record class sessions for privacy it puts a strain on other students who need help.
The hardest thing i incurred was 2 things:

Again picking a domain name; i spent an estimated 30 minutes contemplating if i had any other better ideas

And lastly customizing the websites background color, i spent around 15 minutes going through color options.
I know i know, i could always go back and pick a different color but I want my website to be the best thing from the jump.


One thing that i should remind students is by adding meta to widgets its much more simple to login to your website from the front end, just FYI if anyone wanted to do that.

Anywho, this was my experience setting up, nothing crazy! Thanks for reading!

Assignment #2- Making my own GIF post

How this class makes me feel…

My favorite tv show is One piece so i just had to post a Gif of Luffy doing something idiotic lol , i saw another post with someone reacting using One piece Gifs so its cool to see other fans as well.

Honesty I really love that this class lets us explore our creative side and communicate on a level that we can more relate to. Ive responded to plenty  of boring discussion boards during my academic experience that all began with “I completely agree and liked how you…”  however this feels great for a change.

When i find out there is an assignment due, this is what goes on in my brain… There is no giphy more relatable to tension than Spongebob or Mr.Crabs in panic mode. There was one giphy funny as hell that i wanted to include but i was upset its only a meme.

When i find out our homework assignment is learning to make Giphy’s.


This currently is the stage of life i’m in, all i can think about is damn chicken tenders and fries. I have been given the worst ultimatum of all time… food or fitness. I might have to side with Joey on this one.


Internet Happiness

The internet has always made me happy since I was a young girl and there’s a lot on the internet that makes me happy- memes, Instagram reels, Snapchat stories. Though these things bring me extreme joy, nothing on the internet makes me happier than Youtube. Youtube, as we all know, is an online video-sharing platform. 

I guess Youtube makes me happy because there’s so much to be seen on the platform. Through Youtube, I get to rewatch old vines, watch videos about braces- because I have braces and also because they are oddly satisfying- but also, I get to create and share my own videos!


Happy GIFs | TenorYes, that’s right! I create my own videos- not alone of course. When the coronavirus began to spread rapidly and we were all forced to stay inside, my sisters and I decided that we should create content for our already existing youtube channel. The idea was that we would create one or two videos just so that the channel wasn’t just filled with content from when we were younger. So one day, we got dressed up and shot our first video- and people loved it! So instead of just stopping with 2 videos, we continued making more and more, and now making videos has become a part of our schedules.

We only have 142 subscribers but it has been extremely fun seeing people comment under our videos and giving them likes or sharing them. And though I am in the videos, I always find myself rewatching them because it is so fascinating seeing myself on youtube. 

From these videos, I have seen my family become so much closer through our film days and then re-watching the videos together. So in a way, that is how the internet makes me happy- by allowing me to be expressive on youtube with the people I love the most. And -shameless plug- you guys should definitely check out our channel!