The Meme Dream: Our Cultural Legacy

Memes are art.

Thats it. Thats the post. Thanks for reading!

Well not really. A hotly debated topic like that can’t be solved with just a single micdrop line and never referenced again. I guess I have to give y’all evidence or whatever 🙄. Now of course memes aren’t typically beautiful or moving but they can be beautiful based on what they mean for us. Memes are community art. Pieces of art or media that we take part in and use together to communicate across the boundaries of time and space. Memes connect our internet culture across time, tying us with people, places, and things that are no longer with us.

They’re topical and relatable, connected to our daily life and the shared human experience in some way, shape or form. We can all relate to being thawrted by the bus driver or procrastinating when we know we shouldn’t but we’ll all express it a different way. For some, Spongebob will be the muse of expression, for other? Bad Luck Brian is just the man for the job, but then there will be others still that we have yet to discover!

More, importantly, in my opinion, Memes are historical content. They are the painstaking work of our generations saved online. The memes of current events, the memes of historical marvels, the memes of TV shows and movies and anime. They bring about the resurrection of age old media, find the lost media, and connect us around the world.

Some of my favorite memes have been collaborative works of fandom. My best examples?




I can’t explain what it is about Avengers with Acrylic Nails that makes me so happy but it really makes me happy to see these. Is it the super long acrylics? Is it the humor of seeing the unexpected in a reaction image? Is it how naturally it all fits it? I have no idea T-T. But it speaks to me. It speaks to my soul!


The meme that never was


During lockdown there were so many different memes that popped up but one that I thought was really going to blow up was the young lady doing dance aerobics during a coup! The backstory here is that she was dancing because she was filming a video for a competition. She was focused on her task and was used to military activity in the area so she had absolutely no idea of what was happening! Life is happening all around us and we are apart of it all and a part of the preservation of our history through our interactions with media.

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  1. Excellent work here!
    Thank you!
    Great overall narrative and stylizing of the post as a whole!
    I love your examples, referencing and hyperlinking! A lot of gems here that really help the reader get a much more expanded perspective of both the world of memes, if its art, as well as your take on it!
    I love this quote too: “Memes are historical content. They are the painstaking work of our generations saved online.”
    I mean, who does not love baby yoda memes?! Grogu!
    Thank you!

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