Assignment #3 Are Meme’s Art?

I believe that art is what you make it. And that memes definitely tell a story in just a simple meme.Memes are good for art because it expresses what a person is feeling it can be view through social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, twitter and such.Memes are new ways to show self- expression weather your sending a hug through text (virtually) or through gif its a way to show the way you feel.

Memes can express different types of emotions a person goes through. Like many art it can give off emotions etc. Memes for me gives off expression of emotions and thoughts that many of us use especially through text. According to spoken vision and I quote “If you take the definition of art, you can see that memes do fall into its definition. There was also an art movement around the 1950’s that used popular media as a source of inspiration: Pop Art. If one thinks about it, memes can fall under the category of Pop Art (using popular media styles to create art).”

I choose this meme because it expresses a hug sometimes we have such a long day we need a hug.

Memes can be use for story telling because it can inspire others and send political messages.

Here are 2 memes I created that related to CT101:

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  1. Lookin good here so far!
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful start, and the great memes!
    Lets dig back in and add some hyperlinks!
    I can see numerous opportunities for you to hyperlink to several of the things that you are discussing. Hyperlinks always help the reader get a better understanding of these subjects and can see deeper into the writing here in this post.
    Thank you!

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