The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

What Have I learned in my time at CT101?

I have learned quite a lot during my time in CT 101 including making memes and GIFs which are form of digital expression as well as learning that there are teachers out here who also hate the outdated system of Blackboard. I registered my own domain name and built a website called      which was about giving people show recommendations and other stuff (hopefully I will figure out what to post next).

What grade do I believe I am maintaining?

Around a B+ to and A since I haven’t been as forthcoming with the blogs as I should have been. I do take this class seriously however with my other business classes breathing down my neck with pages of work needed to be done and my poor time management skills I mostly do my blogs the day (or a couple days after :'() they are due.

What skills have I developed, cultivated and displayed regularly?

My Creativity has surely improved with these blog posts and I’ve realized I used to hold back on what I would say like” Maybe I shouldn’t say this before the professor says that this makes no sense” I should say when writing essays but for blog posts the information usually flows out of me of what what I wish to portray. I love this class gives us a freedom of expressing your creative side.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

There was  a couple things I didn’t know tbh. How to make a website from scratch and how to customize a website. I had watched a couple videos on YouTube on ho to build one but never really started the process and even thought about coding but it never actually did anything to start until now.  Also, I learned ho to do other thing like creating a GIFs and memes.