My Classmate’s Websites

The first website I checked out was because I am a big anime fan and Castlevania was a great short story anime on Netflix. I like how the website gives you insight on various shows that a star rating system cannot give you. Season four for Castlevanina was recently released and I think that giving a small amount of controversial information about different seasons would generate some interesting comments.

The second website that caught my eye was   due the the mystery of the topic. I was always interested in astronomy. I think this website has the potential to gravitate toward an audience who is looking to find out more about the universe and share what they already know. I also find website about extraterrestrial life form a fun and creative topic. 
The last website that I cam across was . I personally did not find this website interesting but my wife loved it. She read all the short stories and hopes that there are more to come. She also added that the short stories could have some images added to bring visualization to the stories but she still likes how simple and user-friendly the website is.