Things that I like to do in the internet(Assignment #1)

The activities that I personally like to do in the internet are quite diverse but there aren’t that many.

1.the main thing that I like to do and use is to watch YouTube and  channels that I like, those channels vary between content such as gaming, story telling, reviews and shows.

2.The second activity that I like to do in the internet is to talk through social media such as Discord, Facebook  and rarely reddit but my main social media is Discord and that is the place that I’m the most active in for most of the time since I always checking it and is relatively easy for me to open it and check if anyone has said something to me.

3.The third activity that I do and I think I enjoy the most is listen to music in pages like SoundCloud, a page that I been personally using since 2013 if I remember correctly, my taste of music varies a lot can be from electric to pop, alternative, Hip Hop to even classic music depending on how I feel at the moment.

4.My fourth activity and one that I been picking up lately again is to draw digital art in the style of pixel art, I have a software named Aseprite that I use to draw digital art in a pixelated art style, a style that used to be use in video games back in the 80s-90s videos games of the moment, such as Street Fighter and Metal Slug which are games that I really liked when I was a kid playing in my PSP and PS2, when ever I finish the art that I do I’m always posting them in places like reddit and discord, places where people can see it and sometimes give feedback about my drawings and how I can improve them.

5.My fifth activity and the one that I been doing the longest in the internet is playing videos games, I been playing videos games since I was 5-6 years old, when I first manage to put my hands into a computer and look to pages like Friv, which used to be a page full of flash games that sadly I cannot play anymore due to googles new policies and how flash has become outdated throughout the years, and since then I been playing games and games until these days even though I can see my decline in gaming since I’m getting more busier with school work and chores.

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  2. Things I like to do on the internet

    First of all I like to use the internet because it is the most essential part of our life currently. Without it we cant even access our school information. We cant search any issues or solve any problems without the internet in today’s world.

    I use YouTube to search videos on solving certain issues related to education and real life situation problems. Vlogs of traveling and foods around the world.


    Twitter I use for news tracking of current events and tweeting random people across the world and creating a conversation or having a healthy debate on a certain matter.

    I mainly use this to chat with family and friends I meet in college. Also WhatsApp photo sharing has been really great because the photos I share and receive looks like high quality.

    Blackboard CUNY
    Essential site where I see my courses and do my HW,Assignments, Exams. Really important for me to log on almost every day to get updates from my professors regarding my classes.

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