Things that I like about the internet.. Assignment#1

Things I like to do on the internet!

First of all, I like to use the internet because it is the most essential part of our life currently. Without it, we can’t even access our school information. We cant search for any issues or solve any problems without the internet in today’s world.

I use Youtube to search for videos on solving certain issues related to education and real-life situation problems. Vlogs of traveling and foods around the world.

Check out this video Vlog posted in Bangladesh Chittagong. The vlog shows a glimpse of one of the most beautiful lakes in Bangladesh, a place is called Kaptai.

Twitter I use for news tracking of current events and tweeting random people across the world and creating a conversation or having a healthy debate on a certain matter.

BlueBird flies and tweets!

Love my Blue Bird!



WhatsApp I mainly use this to chat with family and friends I meet in college. Also, WhatsApp photo sharing has been really great because the photos I share and receive look high quality.

On the app called!

MEME Scary Movie
Talking to friends through WhatsApp

Blackboard CUNY Essential site where I see my courses and do my HW, Assignments, Exams. Really important for me to log on almost every day to get updates from my professors regarding my classes.

What I look forward to when I open BlackBoard grades!!

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  1. Hi Zia, this is looking good!
    Congrats on your first post here!
    Forward we go!
    Please be sure to check that all links are properly hyperlinked above, and will redirect the reader properly. (I see 2 that don’t at the moment – but as you know, this is easy to edit and update)
    Also, double check the assignment details as you are working, as it asks what is making you “Happy on the Internet this week” – I always suggest double checking the assignment details as a guide while working on the post, its helpful for recalling all the specific questions that we need to focus on and answer. We can always continue to add and make edits as we go!
    Great work so far!
    Thank You!

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