Internet Happy – Assignment #1 – Forward we GO!

Week #2 – A Recap & Forward Motion!

The Course Schedule page is here (this is our most important page as it hosts all of our weekly assignments and their specifications – please check this page each week at the beginning of class.)

1. Did you Read the welcome blog post here <–it has an assignment that prepares us for this week – the details are located at the bottom of the post, it asks you to leave a comment, and also respond to one, did you? 

2. Lets get signed up! Did you sign up for the CUNY commons and the CT101 website? If not, please review the process for access to the CUNY commons and the CT101 website here –this post has the “how-to” video tutorial link  – Read this blog post for details < —

And now… this week, its time to get blogging!

Lets learn about and tour our WordPress blogging interface. We will discuss and learn how to add text, images, GIFs, videos, hyperlinks and contextual content into the blogging interface! We will begin by sharing some sentiments accompanied by visual media to help tell our stories.

Each week I will screen record a video tutorial that demonstrates techniques and tips for each assignment – The tutorials will always be posted shortly after class directly into the blog post with the assignment details.

The video recording / tutorial is below! Enjoy!

Passcode: 5*v+@h5!

This week’s Assignment…

Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

Your goal for this week will be to read and follow the info / links listed in this blog post. Absorb the information and then begin to prepare and gather all of needed media, images, links and content that you need to create and publish your first blog post here on our class website!

(This assignment was originally created by Professor Michael B. Smith a few years ago, it still holds true as a great example and ice-breaker for our first blogging assignment.)

In a new blog post, take the time to introduce anything you want about yourself and describe a piece, or multiple pieces of the internet that is “making you happy” this week. Share what the content is about, the media format, and the online space in which it was discovered. Let us know why this (or these things) make you happy! Make sure it’s something you can ’embed’ into your post and be sure to link back to the original source of the the item (hyperlink).

(I shared my example, its at the bottom of this post in the form of a hyperlink )

Below is also an example:

“I discovered recently a writer who made side-by-side comparisons of frames from the Simpsons with frames from the original movies that inspired the cartoon. I love this kind work because it shows how culture is seemingly endlessly recycled and remixed.”

Also, here’s a video short from the original, famous “shower scene” from the 1960 film Psycho that the inspiration is drawn from.

For another example of “how” your assignment #1 post can potentially look, check out professor Seslow’s example here:

PS – THIS whole blog post is an example of a good quality post! Notice the length, the amount of media added, links and content to help support the verbiage. It all just take a little regular practice.

Lets do it!