Things that make me happy on the internet CT101

Chief Keef GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Chief Keef GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Things that make me happy on the internet, CT101

One of the things that made me happy on the internet is listening to music, and this week is when i was on – this week was an article about one of my favorite rappers called Chief Keef and his influence on the modern-day genre of rap called trap and drill and also add lib and mumble rap. Chief Keef had a very modern and Innovative approach to wrap back in 2012. When he was just sixteen when he released his debut album finally rich with hits like “Love Sosa”, “hate being sober” and collaborations with Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent.

Among other top artists at the time this was a revolutionary type of flow that wasn’t really appreciated at the time but now has been adopted by many of today’s up and coming rappers  now a decade later Chief Keef and his impact on music in the modern-day and as well as Chicago the drill and trap is as popular now as ever Although the messages in the music can vary depending on who’s listening it’s clear that music like this is very popular even amongst athletes like Tom Brady who happened to be of A different race still appreciate trap and  drill music and use it as motivation  to accomplish goals. I feel as though  this is an important point to highlight because it shows just how important music is in breaking down racial barriers and getting people to understand things from different points of view even if they look at the same thing and at the end of the day that is what makes art what it is end Chief Keef is definitely an artist and a living legend not just in his hood but around the world 

This leads me into another thing that makes me happy, just seeing rap in the halftime show and how far rap has come as a genre and mainstream sense also appreciating how far it has still left to go as a genre and evolving decade by decade. 

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