Vapor Wave!

So I looked at the vapor wave link and so far it is interesting. All the colors attracted me although the images threw me off because they seemed more surreal than anything but somehow I still found it appealing. Therefore I decided to make an image of my own using one of my art pieces I made.

I used the  Trianglify Generator for this image which was pretty cool the way it turned into different triangles to make up the image. Then I changed it to this: Using the  Ultrapop app from my iphone.

I was like:

Suddenly I enjoyed the effect and the colors more than the original drawing  itself lol.

Then I got curious and used another app  Ultrapop Infinite on my iphone and created this image:

I really liked how the pop effect came out with the image it was close to the effect of a church stained glass. Overall I had fun with this.

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