Vaporwave Thoughts

When reviewing the Vaporwave content I was beyond amazed at how appealing it is to the eyes. I have definitely seen it before but never knew that it was called Vapor Wave. I love how it has the aesthetic of the ’80s and how it is a mixture of images, videos, memories people love, and other elements. I love the aesthetic feel it has. I personally love those aesthetic wallpapers for background and always go on Pinterest for some. Now I’m thinking of having some Vaporwave wallpaper for my phone soon. As much as I like the looks and vibes of Vaporwave, I feel like it’s not for me to create but to observe and love. While observing different Vaporwave I went to the Net-Art site where there was a specific Vapor Wave Aesthetic gallery. It’s filled with various works of others who created Vaporwave art. All looked amazing and I couldn’t pick a favorite so I screenshot the page with multiple works 🙂