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I searched through the design assignments, and I chose the “Vogue Challenge”. Vogue, not to be confused with voguing, is a magazine that covers various topics, including Haute fashion, beauty, culture, living, and runway.

It’s a pretty simple and easy assignment but I wanted a reason to edit a picture of the recent sim I made. You know I always need to implement sims in my posts one way or another.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Magazine
Giphy – Kim Kardashian Vogue Magazine

The programs I used to edit were GIMP and Photopea. Both of these programs are free alternatives to photoshop. Photopea is online so you can access it on the web but GIMP you have to download it on your computer.

Here are the steps I did to complete the Vogue assignment.

Step 1: I opened my picture in gimp. You can easily drag and drop your picture or you can hover your mouse over “File” and either click “New” or “Open”.

picture opened in gimp
The Sim’s (Jade) picture is open in GIMP

Step 2: I pressed the text tool in the top left and typed the word “Vogue” across the top of my picture. (One thing I like about GIMP is that you don’t have to add a new layer when you add text. It’ll automatically become its own layer once you start typing).

Text tool
Text Tool in GIMP
Image in GIMP
Image edited in GIMP

The assignment could have been done here because it only asked to put the word “Vogue” across the picture and that’s it. But I decided to be extra and copy an actual Vogue Magazine.

Edited picture in GIMP
Edited Picture in GIMP

Step 3: I then exported the picture to my desktop and opened it in Photopea so I could add a paper textured overlay.

Picture Opened in Photopea
Picture Opened in Photopea
Paper Textured Overlay Unedited.
Paper Textured Overlay Unedited.

Here’s a quick video I watch on how to resize an image in Photopea. I was lowkey kind of lost LOL.

Step 4: I edited the Paper Textured overly by going to the Layers tab, changing “Normal” to “Screen”, and turning down the opacity to 40%.

Editing in Photopea
Editing in Photopea
Step 5: I exported the picture to my desktop and I’m done. Here’s the final picture.
Vogue Magazine
Fully Edited Vogue Picture

I find editing pictures very fun but in the beginning, I never liked how they turned out because I always end up comparing my edits to another professional edit. I used to think I couldn’t achieve and execute that level of high professional editing. Especially when the majority of editors use expensive programs such as Adobe.

But I realized I had to stop being hard on myself and have fun. Also, practice means perfect. You don’t need expensive programs to edit pictures, there are lots of free programs out there to help. You just need PRACTICE.

DS106 - Coding Assignment
DS106 – Coding Assignment
Now what I want to learn is coding. I would love to do this coding assignment but I don’t know a thing about coding. Anything coding related is very intimidating to me. All the words, numbers, commas, semicolons, parentheses, etc. It’s just all confusing to me. I remember I had a computer science class as an elective in High School but this was over quartine so finding the motivation to actually care about the class was hard. However, it was a nice introduction to coding and whatnot.
Many people say having the skill to code gives you a better opportunity at landing a good job, which was my main reason for wanting to get into coding. But then I did some self-evaluating and realized I didn’t want to put unnecessary stress on myself. So, computer science was NOT seeing me in college.
Coding is confusing
Coding is confusing

I want to learn simple coding for my own benefit. That “benefit” is, making a cute theme for my Tumblr. I like making things aesthetically pleasing so making my blog aesthetic will make me happy. But I know coding takes A LOT of practice. And I am NOT willing to learn. I’d rather be stress-free.

Smashing Computer
Smashing the computer when a code doesn’t work
Coding might not be a necessary skill I need in my life but knowing how to edit is. I like taking screenshots in sims and I like replicating photos using my sims. So knowing how to edit will help me. Replicating a magazine cover was a lot of fun. And I can share it with others and maybe even inspire them.
Inspire others!

4 thoughts on “VOGUE”

  1. Hey Trenae!
    I think it is super cool how you did your VOGUE assignment and just listed out the steps if anybody wanted to replicate it!
    I think it is super super cool!
    I think I have always wanted to learn coding as well — maybe you can share some pointers?

  2. Epic work on this!
    Thank you so much for the super process, execution, outcome and tutorial on “how” you completed everything!
    This is a great example for all to see and follow!
    Im excited to see what you do next!

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