Assignment #7: The Mid-Semester Reflection Post


it is time it is Mid-Semester Reflection which sounds like New years reflection on actions here’s mine. happy new year since mid and looking back on this class so far I think I’m doing pretty well I’m learning things that help a lot in editing one of my hobbies and can help with work in whatever I do. I make sure to complete my assignment before Tuesday cause that’s how I am I like to get things done even though there isn’t a deadline that is dude before class as it used to but I’m used to it and it helps me get mt stuff done so I have nothing to do and can focus on other things. however in class or other people’s assignments.  I really should comment on people’s posts I see then and I get Info from there which helps me when I’m stuck on the assignment and ask or answer questions but I don’t feel the need to when its examined in detail and given at least  3 or 5 examples from the students in the class.

from my work and I was taught growing up that if ya do something do it as you love so far I love the work I had to do in this class and what I learned and used to blogging something I never have done ever so this was a new and fun experience for me. and I can learn to do better from not just comments on my post but from reading others’ posts.

looking back my favorite ones I have to say from doing would be assignment  2assignment 4, and assignment 1 the one that started it all and a good way to recap this semester so far and i can’t wait to see what happens next and i will be ready.

8 thoughts on “Assignment #7: The Mid-Semester Reflection Post”

  1. Hey Tabitha I also am relieved our spring break is approaching us and a bit excited. This class so far has been different compared to the usual readings, essays, peer reviews, tests, labs and other academic assignments. I would say the same goes for me I need to start posting comments on my classmates blogs and replying to the ones they left on mine.

  2. Hey Tabitha,
    Great blog post! I definitely agree with you with it being mid-semester and learning how to really use GIFs to blog and tell a story.
    I really liked your first assignment looking back at it! Congrats on turning 21!!!

  3. Thank you, so far so good on this!
    Please make sure that you answered all the questions in the assignment criteria, I see a few that you missed, thank you thank you!

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