Website ideas

The idea of having my own website surely is very exciting. I would like my website to be reflective of who I am as a person and my interests. Some of my interests are:

Traveling: I like to travel a lot and I believe that traveling allows to broaden one’s mindset on so many things!

Coding: Since I am majoring in Computer Science, I also have to code a lot. I would love to add my personal projects to my website.

Exploring New York: I also love to explore different areas of New York! Therefore it is one of my wishes to have a website where I can publish my most favorite places of New York.

Therefore, Keeping in mind my interest list, the list of website names that I would like to use are:

1. nafisatabassum

2. nafisacodes

3. blogsbynafisa

4. NYexplorewithNafisa

5. travelwithnafisa

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