What’s In Your Domain?

Here are some domain name ideas I had for my new website:

1. Powertothepress.com

There’s a saying, “power to the people,” but I think it’s also fair to use “power to the press,” the “press” being the voice I have as a journalist/reporter.

2. Bethebridge.com

This domain name comes from part of a quote by the late Cameron Boyce, who was an inspiration of mine growing up watching the Disney Channel. The quote reads as, “Many people have the heart to give back, but a lot don’t know how to. I try to be the bridge for people— whether that means getting them involved in one of my campaigns or inspiring them by showing them a blueprint of how others get engaged.”

That quote really stands out to me, as it shows how much of a leader Cameron was as well, and moves me to be a leader as well.

3. justtypeit.org

Almost like the Nike saying, “Just Do It,” I like to say, just type it! Sometimes I procrastinate– well, VERY OFTEN I procrastinate, especially when it comes to typing articles for class assignments or for the school paper because I know it’s going to take a long time to do. I guess just seeing the domain name will remind me to not slack off.

4. Layitoutforme.com

My job as a reporter is to give the facts in the story, and make it easier for people to understand issues that seem really complex–basically, weeding out all the fluff and presenting the basic information, laying out the story. This goes hand in hand with the “Bethebridge” domain name, and part of the quote which mentions showing a “blueprint” in how others can get involved in whatever action they want to pursue. With this website, I would want to layout societal issues in which people can understand them, and also give them a way to become active.

5. Equitablewritesforall.com

Equality is great but when everyone has equity,–(defined as treating people based on what they need in society), it’s a much better world! We need to talk more about equity and who needs what, (letting the facts and communities be the dictator of that).


All of the names listed are tied to social justice/activism and journalism. I believe that as someone who is inspired by both of those entities, they can always come together to be inspirations for people, and in particular, have both been inspirations for me.

Just based on the domain names, my new website would be exactly about those two ideas– journalism and activism intertwining.

I don’t have a particular “favorite” website anymore, (had a couple as a kid) but I do find myself spending lots of time on YouTube each day look at new content from different channels whether it’s news media or explainer videos or reviews on shows or products. I enjoy it all and can access all of it from one site.

Here are some examples of the different things I “explore” on my “favorite” website:

Vox is a digital media company that produces several “explainer” videos that I think are really informative for the average person who isn’t paying much attention to issues circulating the mainstream media. The quality of their content was one of my inspirations for being a journalist.

(You should definitely give that video on the Texas energy grid system a watch!!)

VICE is another digital media company I grew a fascination with, around the same time as Vox. I appreciate their reporting style as well, on many abstract and often underreported topics. This one caught my eye, about the rise of conservative idols in the country, going hand-in-hand with the increasing polarization experienced in American politics.

(Note: I certainly DO NOT endorse any images presented in the above photo)

Looking for an apartment in NYC with useful tips on what to search for? Look no further than Cash Jordan! I certainly can’t afford a long-term rental property right now, but just for curiosity’s sake, I am subscribed to Cash Jordan. He’s super snarky and infuses joy in the mundane task of apartment hunting!

As for how I feel–uh, not much different because I’ve owned a website before with another class that I’ve taken that required me to have my own website for news writing. However, this is something new, so I guess this website would come with a different vibe and/or purpose to it.


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  1. Excellent work on this, John! And, support helpful! I have just learned a lot from this post, thank you for the value sharing! I love the contexts that you have shared for each of the potential names, it really helps the reader. Domain names selections can be really tricky because we get so many ideas at once and then have to weigh them all out and see which one will best communicate our feelings and intentions for how the site will build out and who the audience will be. Its such a good exercise and process to follow through on. Im excited to get us working on this nest week! Great post, thanks so much!

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